How are these ​business owners, Coaches, Consultants, and Freelancers rigging Buhari's Economy and enjoying​​ so much financial prosperity in the middle of a Global Recession?

The answer may surprise you...

From 5-Figures to N2Million in Pure Profits Every Month Despite The Stiff Competition in Her Market 

I'M Closing The YEAR With An 8-FIGURE INCOME!

The biggest hair salons in my State are now begging me to sell my hair products to them.

Before Andy did his magic, they never cared that I existed! 

My business has "turned up" big time.

Before I was doing a mediocre 5 figures;

Now I am firmly on track to close the year with an 8 figure income (N2Million+ in Monthly Profits). 

All thanks to Andy's work. I will choose Andy again and every time. He's an all round amazing guy


N850,000 From 2 New Clients in One Week!

I Closed 2 Deals in One Week (N350,000 and N500,000)

My highest job ever as a Web Developer is N150k.  Using What I Learned From YOU and Bena, I sharpened my negotiation skills and closed two deals last week. 

One is 350k same job I did for 100k before and the other is N500k job I used to do for 150k-200k with lots of begging.  I'm not a Copywriter yet, But even as a web-developer, your tweets are really helping me. Thank you Andy

PAUL Faith | Freelance Web Developer 

N25Million in Real Estate Sales. 

I've Been Able to Close N25Million in Real Estate Sales ... And I'm Still Selling

Before now, my adverts gets little or no response but after reading only half of the material you sent me,

I have made sale that i havent made in 10 yrs(honest truth) and I've been able to close sales over N25Million in real estate sales and still selling. Thank you Andy

It's a simple 3-step sequence you can easily use to make even the MOST skeptical prospect's instantly embrace your message and ...

See YOU as The Best Person to

Give Their MONEY No Matter How Saturated your Market is!

With Such Marketplace recognition and status,

You'll easily become an envied authourity in your market enjoying a steady flow of new customer sales and better paying clients....

PLUS: The Magic is NOT in what product or service you Sell, But in How you're Presenting it to your Market

Dear friend,

If you sell anything online

You've probably noticed that it’s getting harder and harder to get people’s attention, talk more of getting them to patronize you...

And the reason is simple;

Your prospects are already being bombarded with thousands of similar marketing messages filled with hype, bogus claims and Unbelievable Promises!

And as such...

They're easily turned off by anything that looks like more of the same,

That's why 99% of marketing messages today no longer make an impact. 

They’re dismissed or ignored at a glance

Your prospects have already been exposed to these type of claims over and over again.

They've seen it

They've heard it

They're used to it, It’s nothing new!

As such, their defense is always up!

And they will only respond to a marketing message that feels ...

  • New,
  • Unique,
  • And different 

Anything else isn't worth their time.

Once they see an ad or landing page or sales page or email that remotely resembles the garbage they've seen before...

Their brain raises a RED FLAG and interprets it as not worthy of attention

That's why 99% of ads never get clicked on

That's why 99% of landing pages, sales letters, video sales letters (VSLs) and webinars never convert

That's why 99% of emails never get opened

With this heightened level of consumer skepticism online,

Ordinary marketing strategies no longer cut it.

It takes something extraordinarily new and different to stand out and get the favourabe attention of your prospects in a unique way that...

Makes them Instantly Embrace your Message and See you as The BEST Option for Their Money 

I don't know how much money you're currently making with YOUR business,

But if you really want to make big money,

Then you need to stop using the same old marketing strategies 99% of marketers are using and instead,

Adopt a different and unique approach that:

  • Cuts through the noise in your market

  • Positions you as a better option than 99% of the competition 

  • Breaks down prospects' sales resistance

And Makes them Super Excited

About What you have to offer.

Before we go any further,

Let me introduce myself properly,

My name is Andy Mukolo

And it's possible you're just hearing about me for the first time

I'm a Direct Response Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

I have my hands in a few "bedroom" start-ups that bring in multiple millions in profits every month for me and my clients.

Back in February 2016,

After I lost my job at STANBIC IBTC (a subsidiary of Standard Bank),

I took a few months to learn the skill of Copywriting (The most wonderful money-making skill you could ever hope to acquire)...

Once I felt like I was beginning to understand the basics,

I started using this skill to sell my products and services online

I was making between N250,000 - N400,000 every month,

Sometimes more,

Sometimes less:

But I didn't hit (and cross) the N1Million/month income mark

Until I discovered

What I'm about to share with YOU today

If you have a quality product or service to sell

What I'm about to share with you is by far the most important advantage you can have in business 

It doesn't matter what market you operate in...

OR whether you're a small business owner, a Coach, consultant, Freelancer

OR just somebody who has a product or service that people WANT

Sure, it helps to have an amazing product or service that people are willing to pay good money for

But like I said at the beginning of this message

The Magic is Not in your Product or Service,

But in how you're Presenting it to Your Market

You can have the MOST amazing product in the world

But if you're NOT presenting it the right way

If you're NOT presenting it with an idea that instantly appeals to your prospects

You won't be making any serious money.

So what's this simple 3-step sequence I've been talking about?

It's a simple advertising technique that took me 24-months to perfect...

A new and different advertising approach you can easily use to 

  • Acquire and monetize hundreds of new paying customers every month
  • Land new clients who pay higher fees and pay on time...
  • Drastically increase conversions from your ads and Landing Pages
  • Increase your EMAIL open rates and Click-through rates

  • Increase average order value from each new customer or client acquired
  • Take your business from 5-6 figures, 6-7 figures, 7-8 figures without begging people to Patronize you or help you promote your business

This amazing simple 3-step sequence is called...

The BIG Idea Sequence:

The BIG IDEA sequence is made up of 3 components

The first component involves finding "The Right BIG Idea" for the particular product or service you want to promote

Now, this is important, please pay attention

There's a reason I emphasized on "Right Big IDea"

The WRONG Big idea is a waste of time and money!

Without "The Right BIG idea", Your Adverts Will Pass Like a Ship in The NIGHT and

Your Business Will Be Ignored...

But, there's a simple way to develop the right BIG idea that makes your prospects see your message as...

New, unique, different, timely, exciting and beneficial.

Something they are excited to engage with...

Because it promises to open their eyes to

Something they haven't been exposed to before.

The second component of The Big Idea Sequence is an uncoventional way to talk about how your product works so your prospects view your product as better than anything else they've tried or been offered.

The third is a different way of constructing and presenting "high conversion" offers that makes it super easy for your prospects to see why they should choose you over other available options

And here's something to chew on:

It is No Longer enough to have an Irresistible Offer

Sure, it helps to have the best possible deal for your prospect

But if you're NOT presenting your offer in a way that lets your prospect see why it's an absolute NO-brainer to say "Yes" to you..

You'll be losing a lot of "nearly-done" customers and clients 

When people say they'll get back to YOU Or they'll think about it

What they're really telling you is:

You didn't make me see why this is a NO-BRAINER

I'm guessing you've had many people say they'll get back to you and till date, you have still not heard a word from them

But all that changes when you're using ....

A unique offer presentation method that makes it a NO-brainer for prospects to buy from you or pay for your services without delay 

All 3 components form the core of The Big Idea Sequence,

And when you promote your products and services using The Big Idea Sequence,

Your prospects are happy to consume your message and patronize you almost immediately and as such, you'll be getting...

More quality leads,


More new clients,

More new customers, 

And more new sales for your business!

With The Big Idea Sequence,

You'll have an effective, reliable system that:

  • Helps YOU Stand out and Grab attention in your market, positioning you as the best choice for your prospective customers and clients...
  • Makes your Customers and Clients Fall in LOVE with you and your product/service at FIRST SIGHT (even if you're new in your market)

  • Makes it a NO-BRAINER for Prospects to say YES to YOU!
  • Decreases your Customer acquisition Costs
  • ATTRACTS a steady flow of New Clients and Customers to you and your business even if your fees are higher than everyone else's and even if your market is saturated
  • And increases the perceived value of your product or service so you can easily charge more and still get paid 

Best part?

You don't need to change your entire business structure.

All you have to do, is make a few tweaks here and there.

Then test and see results for yourself.

And the amazing thing is:

It doesn't matter what market you operate in,

As long as you have a product or service that people want,

And as long as you implement the BIG Idea Sequence in your business,

Your income level will drastically improve.

And you'll be enjoying better peace of mind because...

  • Your business is bringing in more money than you ever imagined possible.. (and you have more time to enjoy your hobbies)
  • You no longer have to worry about how you'll raise money to pay rent or other bills next year (since you'll be making enough money to afford it easily...)

  • You can easily send financial help to your loved ones without borrowing or stretching yourself financially 

  • You can easily afford a vacation to any destination of your choice

  • And just about anything you've had to put on hold due to insufficient funds..

To help you get started,

I'd love to send you a copy of a my new guide where I show you step by step, how you can quickly use the Big Idea Sequence to...


Take Your Business to The NEXT Level!

"We had a Successful Launch in The Afrocentric Market and I'm Grateful to Andy For his Guidance!"

I remember just like yesterday I reached out to Andy about having a few questions to ask him concerning launching a new brand for serahkassimng, and what advice and strategies he had for me to launch successfully

And tbh I wasn’t expecting all the replies he gave me.

I went back to the board and did eveything he asked , it opened up a new perspective on launching and what the expectations for the ideal clients were, and mehnnn we had a successful launch.

Today, I can say I’m thankful and grateful that Andy was a part of that. He didn’t have to do anything but he did, and I am super grateful 🙏

Inside this guide,

You'll find answers to questions like:

  • How is a “Big Idea” discovered?

  • How do I find the best BIG idea for my business?
  • How do you know when you have a “Big Idea” that will WORK? or when I've chosen the correct BIG Idea?

  • How do you turn ordinary marketing ideas into “Big Ideas”

  • How can I communicate the “Big Idea” throughout my marketing campaign?
  • And more

Including proven strategies like:

  • How to make even the most ordinary, common product or service feel unique, different, and special... without ever lying or stretching the truth! 
  • How to position your product so it's never viewed as the same thing everyone else in your market is offering (This is how you stand out and get quality attention in a saturated market)

  • The secret of invisible variation: An ethical way to sell the same product for years as new and different

This guide is called...


I’ve personally helped dozens of entrepreneurs take their business from 6 to 7 figures and 7 to 8 figures… and....

I am currently helping more to reach their first 6-figures using the information you'll find in The BIG Idea Blueprint

But here's the thing...

I want you to have ..

EVERY advantage in selling your products and services blazing fast and seeing a surge of new customers and clients

And as such,

I've decided that, in addition to The Big IDEA Blueprint,

I'm also sending you the following bonus gifts at NO extra cost

Each one designed to put you on the fast track to making disturbing amounts of money with your product or service or business.

Special Bonus Gift #1

Maximizing Social Media Impact 

For your Business

According to a recent social media analytics study, 71% of buying decisions today are based on what customers read on social media.

9 in 10 businesses don't know how to leverage social media as a powerful business tool and it's costing them millions in new sales every year!

That's bad for them, and very good for you

Because once you start applying the simple strategies revealed in this short guide,

You'll be able to monetize overlooked sections of your market that your competition is ignoring.

Sold 10 Aquariums with a Few Tweets! 

The Least for N40,000 and The Highest for N300,000!

Before now,  I used to surf through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter looking for people with profiles that match my ideal customer.  But what Andy showed me was my game changer.

He helped me make the shift from being the guy who had to go in search for his clients to becoming the magnet who just attracts them.

In the last 2 months, I sold over 10 aquariums from my tweets alone.

The Least for N40,000 and the highest for N300,000!

And this is because Andy has taught me how to trigger emotions in people, to get them to buy FROM YOU. Andy is an awesome awesome human being. 


Special Bonus 

Gift #2:

The COLD TRaffic Conversion Guide:

Cold Traffic simply means prospects who don't know you yet...

And one of the most difficult things for business owners is selling to people who have never heard about you before

But there's a very simple way to attract, engage, and convert total strangers into paying customers and clients without begging or charging low fees!

That's what you'll learn inside The Cold traffic conversion Guide


Special Bonus 

Gift #3

27 Words to Make The World Do your Bidding: 

This is The Simplest way to CUT Through that Natural Resistance We all Have to Spending MONEY!

Without Lying or Making BOGUS Claims that turn  customers OFF and make them take their money elsewhere

Maximum Clients in Minimum Time!

Remember Paul Faith?

The web developer guy I told you about earlier who pocketed N850,000 from 2 New Clients in one week?

You say you remember?


He now earns 3x what he used to charge using just one of the many principles revealed in "Maximum Clients in Minimum Time" 

If you have a service to sell,

This little guide will show you the “counter-intuitive” secret to attracting (and closing) high-value clients who pay well and pay on time

3 New Monthly retainers on LinkedIN!

I started this year with hopes, no skills, no directed reading... I was reading every book... Finding that skill I can hone. Then I found you and Benahili ( Two Amazing souls). Honing the skill of Facebook Ads and Copywriting opened my eyes. 

After studying your Client acquisition strategies, I put myself out to pitch just last Monday, Using your Client Acquisition system... 

I have 3 new clients  who already put me on a monthly retainer to keep executing all their campaigns and all came from LinkedIn.


$3,000 from 2 New Clients!

I was finally able to get 2 clients that paid me $1500 each. All this was because I refined my processes and applied all I learnt FROM YOU.Thank you very much Andy, I'm  grateful.


So here’s a recap of everything you’re getting today:

  2. SPECIAL Bonus Gift #1: Maximising Social Media for your Business
  3. SPECIAL Bonus Gift #2:  The Cold Traffic Conversion Guide 
  4. SPECIAL Bonus Gift #3: 27 Hypnotic Words to Make The World DO your Bidding
  5. SPECIAL BONUS GIFT #4: Maximum Clients in Minimum Time

And like I said earlier,

I'd like to offer you The BIG IDEA BLUEPRINT (alongside all the bonus gifts) at a special introductory price

So how much should you cheerfully invest in this amazing offer?

Well, first consider the following:

If you had to hire me to help you create a marketing campaign,

You'd have to shell out $5,000 upfront

And even if you can easily afford it,

I'm not taking on new clients at the moment


If you wanted to sign up for my on-going private coaching program (which is currently closed to the general public) you'd have to pay me N150,000


If you wanted to have a 1-on-1 consulting session with me for one full day,

You'd have to pay me N100,000

I was thinking of charging N40,000 for the The BIG IDEA BLUEPRINT.

People have paid me that much just to sit at my feet and learn a fraction of what you'll find inside the materials I'm sending you today,

However, through this exclusive offer:

Your Investment today is N10,000 Only

And I promise you...

The first time you try to sell something using what you learn from these materials and resources I'm sending you

You can easily make that money back 10, 20, 30, 50 times over

Depending on the price of your product or the fee for your services


Just think how much more peace of mind and confidence you'll have knowing you're making enough money to easily...

  • Afford your rent (and bills) and provide a better lifestyle for your family without begging or borrowing
  • Send money home to support your parents and siblings
  • Move into a better house

  • Take a mini-vacation with friends or family while you're enjoying absolute financial autonomy

  • Support a friend in need
  • Give to charity

  • Or just something you've had to put on hold because of insufficient funds...

And just in case you're having any doubts if this is right for you, here's...

 "My Gentleman's Handshake"

N10,000 Guarantee! 

Back in the day, a good businessman's word was his bond.

And a handshake agreement held as much significance as a legal contract between 2 or 3 parties holds today

You can call me old-fashioned,

But I still believe in the wise ancient saying that says:

"Your word should be your bond"

THAT is how I do business.

And on that basis,

Here’s my "gentleman's handshake agreement" with you:

If you go through all the materials and resources I'm sending you today

Implement what you learn OVER a period of at least 90-days

And you don't agree that you got massive VALUE for your money

I want you to complain

And I want you to ask for your money back.

Just send me an email or DM with:

  • Your name, 

  • Your account number,

  • Proof that you did your part by implementing what you learned

  • And a request for a full refund,

Once I see your message,

You'll get a prompt and courteous refund in less than 2-hours.

No hard feelings

No arguments.

No unnecessary back and forth


If you want,

I'll personally (and happily) step in and help you out with your business at no cost whatsoever.

Just my way of apologizing for not meeting your expectations.

Fair deal?

So you see,

You have nothing to lose

Get these materials,

Study them,

And implement the hell out of what you learn...

I promise you, you will not regret it.

But the choice is up to you,

If you don't think I can help you, that's okay


If you're willing to take the chance

And you're ready to experience a whole new level of personal income and financial prosperity that earns you ....

The awe, respect and admiration of

Those who Now doubt and Ridicule you...

Click the button below to get started right away.

This has been a labor of love for me

I can only hope you'll take advantage of all the work I've put into this incredible deal for you today

Andy Mukolo.

Copywriter & Marketer

And Don't Forget, 

My "N10,0000 Gentleman's Handshake" Guarantee Still Stands...

If after 90-days of implementing everything I show you...

You don't agree that you got your N10,000 investment at least 10x back

Just shoot me an email or send me a DM on Twitter

And I'll offer you a prompt and courteous refund of your money.

No hard feelings.

I'll even step in and work with you one-on-one on your business if you want (and you don't have to pay me a penny for this)

Plus, you'll always have access to everything I am sending you today.

So you see?

You have nothing to lose. 

Click the button below to get your materials right away!

What People Are Saying About Andy

I'm Paying Him Millions 

For His Work, He's That 


I have engaged Andy on a long term

 basis to create marketing content

for my business . . . And I'm paying

him millions for his work.

 He's that Good

RONALD NZIMORA |CEO and Co-founder, Digital

Nexus and Buywell


Andy is Brilliant at What

He Does

Throughout my Internet Marketing

Career, I have only ever paid 3

 Nigerian Copyriters to work on a

project for me, Andy Mukolo is one

of them, and That's because he's

 Brilliant at what he does. 


Veteran Marketer and CEO, 7-Star


The Best Decision I Made

in 2019!

Inviting Andy to work with me on one

of my projects was one of the best

decisions I made in 2019.
He is obsessed with getting buyers 

to take action by focusing his writing

 on ideas, concepts and proven 

principles of direct response marketing guaranteed to generate massive ROI.

OLUWLE OGUNLADE |Head of Growth, Vogue PAY!  

I'M Closing The YEAR With


The biggest hair salons in my State

are now begging me to sell my hair products to them. 

Before Andy did his magic, they

 never cared that I existed! 

My business has "turned up" big


Before I was doing a mediocre 5


Now I am firmly on track to close the year with an 8 figure income (N2Million+ in

Monthly Profits). 

All thanks to Andy's work. I will

choose Andy again and every time.

He's an all round amazing guy


My Small Ecommerce

 Business Crossed

N2Million in Profits 

Andy, My small Ecommerce business

 crossed N2Million in profits and I

 now have 10 new employees working for me. God bless you!

AYINDE ABIOLA  |eCommerce Business Owner 

I've Been Able to Close

N25Million in Real Estate

 Sales ... And I'm Still


Before now, my adverts gets little or

 no response but after reading only

half of the material you sent me,

I have made sale that i havent made

 in 10 yrs(honest truth) and I've been

able to close sales over N25Million

in real estate sales and still selling.

Thank you Andy

VICTOR OYINBO |Realtor and Brokerage Agent

I Closed 2 Deals in One

Week (N350,000 and


My highest job ever as a Web

Developer is N150k.  Using What I

 Learned From YOU and Bena, I

sharpened my negotiation skills and

closed two deals last week. 

One is 350k same job I did for 100k

before and the other is N500k job I

used to do for 150k-200k with lots of

begging.  I'm not a Copywriter yet,

But even as a web-developer, your

tweets are really helping me.

Thank you Andy

PAUL Faith | Freelance Web Developer 

The Best Of The New

Generation Copywriters

From Nigeria . . .

So many people claim to be

Copywriters But Andy Stands out

and is Worth the Tag. He's The Best

of The New Generation Copywriters

 From Nigeria


Dropshipping Expert

He Understands Human

Psychology And What

Truly Drives People to

Open Their Wallets to


If you don't know David Ogilvy and

Gary Halbert, you might not

appreciate the power that lies in

what Andy can do for your business. 

He understands human psychology

and what truly drives people to open up their wallets to buy. 

Andy Mukolo is the man if you want

to open the flood gates of sales for

your business.


Marketing Genius!

By reading his newsletters,consulting with him and implementing the marketing tips he shared with me, I have been able to get 3x more

 clients for my business, purely

organic. Andy is a marketing genius.

ISY NENE |Brelunds Foods, Author, AEGIS 

He is Just Too Good!

Andy is so good, his copy made a customer wait for a week to receive the product and the customer called me numerous times to make sure he gets it! That's how convincing his copy was! He is just too good!

ETOMI OKENE |Ice Clothings and Classic Watches