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What Nigerian Entrepreneurs are saying about Andy and Benahili

Lora Ezeani


Andy helped me light up demand in prospects by creating a one of a kind method to get the attention of the biggest hair salons in my State and they are now begging me to sell my hair products to them.

Before Andy did his magic, they never cared that I existed! My business has "turned up" big time.

Before I was doing a mediocre 5 figures; Now I am firmly on track to close the year with an 8 figure income.

All thanks to Andy's work. I will choose Andy again and every time. He's an all round amazing guy.

Samuel Segun e.

Direct Response Copywriter

Using your Client Acquisition system, I have 3 clients already who already put me on a monthly retainer to keep executing all their campaigns.

Something funny even happened, after pitching to a woman using your client acquisition system...

She went to endorse me immediately as a Copywriter on Linkedin.

I was shocked.
I'm sure the client acquisition messaging template blew her mind.

michael Addit

Instagram Coach and Growth Strategist

Benahili knows her stuff! I assure you.
We began the journey together a while ago, in fact it was her idea for me to try Facebook Ads out.

I don't think there is any other person I would rather recommend to teach you the art of Facebook marketing.

Work with Benahili, pay without hesitation and be rest assured that you will hit it, and hit it big!

Wish you the best.

Amarachukwu ezerumaka

COO Easy Life Solutions

I always felt a level of assurance and confidence whenever Benahili ran ads for my business.

Having a limited budget, but trusting her to make the best of that budget came easily for me especially because of her track record. 

You want your ads converting? Then she's my recommendation.

If you have any questions, please let us know

  • contact@nairaroad.com

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