In the last 12-months ... I've helped 100s of beginners grow their monthly income by $1,000, $3,000, $5,000+ and more in writing fees alone ...  And if you're interested in earning a sustainable monthly income, writing from anywhere ... (... just enough to take better care of yourself and your loved ones...) ... I can help you

Welcome to The Foreign Copywriting Initiative,

Class of 2022 (MMXXII)...

NOTE: If you're not ready to work hard, don't bother...  And if you're looking for the easiest way to pocket $1,000s every month, just pressing your phone or laptop a few times daily, Go away.  I'm only interested in working with folks who have enough common sense to know earning $3,000 .. $5,000... $10,000+ or more monthly requires hard work. If that's you... you can scroll down to see what The NEW F.C.I 2022 is all about...

($5,000/month writing Contract 

...working with an Ecommerce Retail Biz)

$5,000 writing Project...


Full-time role...

One Client...

Just a few weeks in

Hi, my name is Andy Mukolo ...

And I'm fortunate to be considered one of the best Copywriters and Copywriting teachers alive...

John Caprani 

a-list direct marketing consultant 

Dammy told me about you a couple of months ago... said you had a huge following in your market... and that you've been giving him some mentorship... 

Daniel Throssell 

Australia's #1 copywriter

Man, I love your stuff 

matt bockenstette 

co-founder, copy legends

I recently started polling my Copy Legends list asking them to send me their top 2-5 favorite copywriters whose email lists they love most, receive the most value from, and read every email from. You’re currently ranked 7th - outta 208 total copywriters who’ve received votes from my readers. 

vikki Ross 

brand and tov consultant 

Andy Mukolo is one of few [marketers and Copywriters] I'd advise you to follow (if you aren't already) and learn from, alongside other industry experts like Matthew Kobach, Matt Navarra and Mark Ritson! See original Tweet 

Audray Williams 

temprance cocktails 

Andy Mukolo is a Copywriting teacher who's emails I always open 

Dickie Bush 

creator, ship 30 for 30,
macro investor 

I've recently been obsessed with Copywriting and Andy is one of 8 industry experts I'm learning the most from, alonsgide other great teachers like Neville Medhora, Craig Clemens, Tej Dosa, Julia Saxena, and Hatch Kolby.

Akin Alabi 

founder, nairabet 

Andy is my mentee. He has gone on to apply things l taught him and has become multi-millionaire in his own class. I’m proud of him and can vouch for anything he offers. But don't take my word for it, do your own research about him and draw your own conclusions.

Ronald Nzimora 

co-founder, digital nexus and buywell properties

I'm paying him millions for his work, he's that good

Brian Mansfield

stansberry research 

Looks like you're getting great results Andy should consider moving to Baltimore or Delray Beach to work in-house with Stansberry or Legacy

Abdul-Qawiyy Hammed 

founder, havanzer 

So many people claim to be Copywriters, but Andy Mukolo stands out and is worth the tag... He's the best of the new generation Copywriters from Nigeria 

Toyin Omotoso 

founder, expertnaire 

I really admire what Andy Mukolo is doing for Nigerian Copywriters ....

Emmanuel Johnson 

founder, havanzer 

You're doing a great job Andy, keep it up

In the last 12-months , I've helped 100s of writers (beginners and intermediate...) ... Grow their Monthly income by $1,000... $3,000.. $5,000 and More ... in writing Fees Alone....  

Writers like ... Sadiq Mohammed

Who at first, struggled to find his feet in this thing of ours,

But with the right people in his corner,

And with the right support system. . .

Sadiq soon started getting CLIENTS he never imagined possible

And very recently. . .

He landed himself a LUCRATIVE $5,000/month gig with a 9-Figure Ecommerce Retail Brand!

Not bad, for a guy who started out less than a year ago

Sadiq Mohammed

freelance copywriter 

September 7th 2020, 4 months after my GRE exam was put on hold due to Covid... I knew it was time to move on and do something else.  It was also the same day I received a letter from Andy with these words... "If you have the desire to write, I can show you how you can make money writing for other people" That night, I bought Andy's course. And in less than 9 months, I've worked with a great deal of clients and I'm working with my biggest client yet. Andy is a selfless teacher and I cannot recommend him enough.

Dammy Azeez

freelance copywriter

At first I was playing small, chasing cheap clients. Then I met Andy and he opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Today, I'm earning upwards of $3,000 per project, working with big names like John Caprani, and getting Referrals from the legendary David Deustch. When Andy says he's going to help you, he's not kidding. Just work hard and be consistent.

Or take Dammy Azeez.. 

One of my earliest proteges...

Before he found me on Twitter,  he had his own fair share of struggles when he started out in early 2020...

And had a pretty hard time getting “the right” clients to look his way…

But thanks to something Dammy says he took (and implemented) from a client acquisition resource I shared with him 

He Now earns upwards of $3,000 per project — and currently works with JOHN CAPRANI, One of the MOST Connected Consultants in Our Business 

And that's NOT all...

Dammy's work has also been recognized and praised by industry legends like Stefan Georgi — and the legendary David Deustch too

If you don’t know who Stefan and David are..

Both men don't even need an introduction

Because on one hand...

Stefan is considered one of the top-3 Copywriters alive today,

With over $1BILLION in sales for his clients...

And on the other hand...

David Deutsch is the legendary Copywriter responsible for over a billion dollars in sales for the biggest direct marketing outfits in the WORLD 

Like, Boardroom (now bottomline), Rodale, and Agora.

And for both of these legends — David and Stefan,

To say Dammy's work is "Very impressive"

And even refer big clients to him...

That's enough indication that Dammy has made serious progress in less than a year since he started his Copywriting journey...

But Dammy is not alone,

There’s another guy, Tomiwa Maseyi

A brilliant Copywriter and PPC Ad expert,

Who used some of the tactical strategies learned in the same material I shared with Dammy...

To close his first 2 high-ticket clients from LinkedIn

And They Both payed him $1,500 each, 

for a Total of $3,000 in New Income! 

Today, Tomiwa's fees have more than doubled, 

And he's since used some of the “applicable” strategies he learned from me to... build his own 7-figure Marketing & Consulting Agency,

One that caters to big clients on recurring monthly retainers

tomiwa Maseyi 

freelance copywriter 

I was finally able to get 2 clients that paid me $1500 each. All this was because I refined my processes and applied all I learnt FROM YOU.

Thank you very much Andy, I'm grateful.

Meg Ricketts 

freelance content writer and ghost writer for big publisher on medium

The kind of clients I'm working with now pay  monthly retainers of $1,000 or more (depending on the volume of work involved). You can be annoying sometimes but you opened my eyes Andy, And all I can say is Thank you. 

Or what about Meg Ricketts?

She Now  Earns up to $1,000 per project Writing from Home, For Big name Publishers on Medium 

But it wasn't always like that...

You see, at first, like most beginners... 

Meg didn't even believe she could earn up to $1,000 ...

Writing anything for anybody

But once our paths crossed on Twitter,

She started seeing possibilities she never imagined possible for herself

Then she took some of what she learned from me,

And went to work immediately,

Fastforward today. . .

Meg has several amazing clients on monthly retainers

Who pay her upwards of $1,000 per project.

Not bad at all,

Considering the fact that this is something Meg was already doing for free (Without evening knowing she could earn top dollar for her work)

And then there's Walter Eyinnaya...

The Ecommerce Copywriter who after a few months under my wings, 

Sent me a DM on Twitter to say...

"My Highest Gig so Far is $5,000"

And has since gone on to generate over $600,000 in sales for his clients

Barely one year into his Copywriting career...

Shina Abogunrin 

freelance copywriter 

I met Andy through Ronald Nzimora's tweet and I knew I wanted to do this. At the time, I just finished NYSC in 2019. I enrolled for Andy's "Copy Pro Secrets" (FCI is way better!)... One thing that comes with learning from Andy is the mindset shift. You start to believe you can do anything from anywhere you are in the world. I'm not the kind of person that always go to my instructors with questions but the few times I did, Andy was there to help me. No matter how stupid the question was. I got a couple of gigs through Facebook and one thing lead to the other... I applied for an agency job. I got in.In 11 months, this Miami agency spent over $400,000 on Facebook ads using my copy (with well over $1.5m in revenue generated from cold traffic). All this in under two years. Fun fact: I once created a copywriting course but I had to shut it down because I couldn't dedicate so much time to the demands my students. Since then, I've referred any that want to learn to Andy. He's really dedicated to making it work for you if you're serious. I wonder how he does it.

Walter Eyinnaya 

freelance copywriter 

Following our advice on focusing on value so I could charge more, I Got a $5,000 retainer from an Ecommerce Brand. (my highest gig so far)  

Or what about Shina Abogunrin...?

An ambitious young man who got his Copywriting start back in 2019 

Just after he finished his NYSC (National Youth Service in Nigeria...)

Then, he took some of the stuff I shared with him

And went on an implementation spree

Fastforward today...

He's generating millions of dollars for his clients (recently, a client of his even put out a video testimonial commending Shina for his work...)

And if he's bringing in that much money for his clients...

And getting that kind of public praise for his work...

Do you think they'll have a problem paying him $1,000s to keep working with them month after month? 

Of course not...

They're happy to pay him that much,

Because he's making them a fortune (same is possible for you, when you put in the work....)

And today... 

Shina is making just enough money 

To take care of himself and support a few loved ones along the away

And that's just scratching the surface...

Of the 100s of testimonials from folks I've introduced to this path 

$1,000s in Upfront fees 
And Performance Bonuses...

$1,750 per Project 

$1,000 to write a Letter

on... "How to Lose Weight"

$1,300 to write a Financial Letter

"Royalties for my Copy, 

That's The Level I'm playing at,

God Bless Andy Mukolo!

From 75k Job to 7-figure Months

50k to 1Million in 2months.

".... Your Materials Really Helped me

— And I'm Thriving ...." 

$800.00 to write Emails

LinkedIn Post Goes Viral,

Gets 6-inbound Leads,

Closes 2 New Clients.

Randomly Thinking about you Today,

Your selflessness, And How Much You'v been Instrumental to my Growth

F.C.I Protege Goes from 

300k+ to 1k Followers in 30-days 

1.2m in 4days 

And now... it's your turn.

But before I tell you how you can join us...

There's something important I need to point out

Yes, it's true 100s of people earn $1,000s every month

Using what they learn inside the Foreign Copywriting Initiative...

But it's all down to hard work and consistency

That's how you get results

So if you're not ready to work hard...

Or if you're not ready to commit every day...

Or if you're looking for a way to make $1,000s every week ... (Just pressing your phone a few times a day...)

I'm not your guy.

And I don't want you in my program.

There are many courses and programs out there that "guarantee" you'll make six figures every month, just pressing your smartphone a few times daily (using a new money-making technique they'll show you..)

Feel free to sign up for those.

However, if you're ready to put in the work (consistently)... using what I share with you...

Along with guidance and support every step of the way...

I'm confident you'll love the results

And on that basis...

I'd like to invite you to join...  

The Foreign Copywriting Initiative 

(F.C.I — Class of 2022... )

The Foreign Copywriting Initiative (F.C.I) is a program I originally created back in April 2020 

My goal was to help aspiring writers (the serious ones) — reach their desired level of personal income and lifestyle freedom 

So far, the testimonials (result-based and more than 400 till date)

Have been nothing short of amazing.

But after a while...

I saw the need to make the F.C.I even more valuable than it already was –

And that gave birth to this new program...

To help you decide if it's right for you...

Here's what you're getting as a member of the F.C.I Class of 2022:

Resource Number #1:

The Beginner Friendly "F.C.I Document" that shows you how to Get Good Enough to Work with Well-paying Clients who pay $1k - $5k+ per Project 

This document is easy to read and understand... 

And it gives you a solid foundation on the art and science of well-paid Copywriting

Literally takes you from zero to...

"Good enough to earn $1k - $5k or more" per project

Working with big name publishers and Ecommerce brands

Here's just a glimpse of what you'll learn inside the F.C.1 2021:

  • The first step to becoming a well-paid Copywriter (is understanding what really moves people to spend money... )

    And that's what you'll learn in this eye-opening section 

  • A Done-for-You Guide on How to Do Market Research
    (The right way) . . . so you don't waste time on misleading information that Could ruin your Work & reputation!

  • The Copy Process! (A Draft-by-Draft Copywriting Walkthrough on The Real Art Of Crafting A Compelling Sales Message... without Using Hype or Exaggerated Claims)

  • THE SECRET TO WRITING WINNING ADS FOR BIG SOCIAL PLATFORMS: Learn how to Write paid ads (and video scripts) ... that help your clients make more money on social media 

  • The Business Side of Copywriting....(Go from "Freelancer for hire" to a 6-figure or 7-figure Copywriting Biz)

  • RULES OF THE GAME (Avoiding silly mistakes Copywriters make that Sabotage their Careers..)

  • And more...

Resource Number #2:

Watch Me do Market Research Live for a Writing Project... (using the S.E.A.L Method)  

Market research is usually a thing of struggle for most Copywriters

And that's why ...

In addition to the section of market research inside the F.C.I document...

I decided to record this video...

Inside, you'll see me doing market research for a real product (using the S.E.A.L method for speed research...)

And no matter what project you're working on...

Or what topic you're writing about...

What you learn in this video can help you find all the information you need ... to write the best possible copy for your clients

And apart from using Google, Amazon and online forums for research...

You'll also see 5 other platforms you can use to find almost any information you're looking for... (in much less time than it would have taken you if you didn't know how to do market research)

This makes your work a whole lot easier... 

And also helps you finish your work on time

So you can move on to the next project on your desk...

Rather than slave on one Project for weeks without any Real Progress.

Resource Number #3:

The F.C.I Process  for Getting Clients Who Pay $1,000 - $5,000+ or More per Project (or Monthly)

It's true that the F.C.I document gives you everything you need to become a well-paid Copywriter

But client acquisition is a topic that deserves a section on it's own

And that's why I decided to create a seperate section specifically for landing well-paying clients

This section includes a simple 68-page guide and 3 videos where you'll learn everything from:

Strategic positioning ... to attracting clients from your preferred social media platform ... to sending the right pitch to the right client (at the right time)... creating offers that make clients excited to work with you... 

And lot's more.


How to structure really good retainer deals where you're kept on your client's team for a recurring fee every month

Deals like these usually go for between $2,000 and $5,000 or more.. depending on what you'll be doing for the client in question..  

Plus, you'll also get a price sheet ....

Showing you how much you can charge (for any project) .. especially if you're just getting started and you've never taken on a client before.

Resource Number #4:

5 Video Case Studies

from 5 F.C.I Members 

These are some of the earliest members of the F.C.I

And I'm grateful they've generously shared what's working for them,

And how you (beginner or intermediate) ...can use some of these strategies, to get the kind of results you're looking for.

Here's what you'll find in this section:

  • (VIDEO Case Study #1):

    Tomiwa Maseyi Explains how he gets new retainer clients who pay as much as $3,000/project

  • (VIDEO Case Study #2):

    Here, GOLIBE Ilechukwu breaks down the simple in-bound Client Acquisition Strategies he uses To Land New Clients From Twitter & LinkedIn 

  • (VIDEO Case Study #3):

    In this case study, Meg Ricketts shares her experience landing her first HIGH-Ticket Client (and how Clients pay her in BITCOIN)

  • (VIDEO Case Study #4):

    Watch and take notes ...

    As Dammy Azeez explains what he did to Get The attention of big names like John Caprani, David Deutsch, Stefan Georgi and co...

    And how you can network your way into working with big-name clients and 9-figure Ecommerce brands)

  • (VIDEO Case Study #5):

    And finally....

    Segun Samuel Tells the Strange Story of How a Funny LinkedIn Message Got him an Invitation to work with 9-figure Publishers, . . .Banyan Hill Publishing!

    Again, you'll want to take notes here

    So when you're ready to start taking on clients...

    You 'll have the confidence to go out there and take on well-paying clients .... knowing you're following a proven model

Resource Number #5

Get "Quality feedback" on your work
From 2 very Brilliant Copywriters

(Rachel Austin and Golibe Ilechukwu)

Weekly Copy Reviews on Friday Nights

One of the fastest ways to grow as a Copywriter to get quality feedback on your work as often as possible

Especially from people who understand Copywriting (and are out there doing the work... and getting results for clients — and self)

And that's why I included this weekly Copy review 

I spoke with 2 of my best proteges

And they agreed to review your copy once a week...

(On Fridays, from 7pm - 9pm... this is subject to change, but for now, these copy review sessions will hold on Friday nights)

Both Rachel and Golibe are always taking on clients

They're always writing copy that's bringing in millions for their clients

And they're paid very well for their work.

So you can be sure you'll be getting quality feedback on your work

This way, you improve much faster (so you can charge more for your work) than if you weren't getting any feedback at all...

And you'll also "have that confidence" you need...

To send your work to your clients knowing ... it's "good enough" and "ticks" all the right boxes 

Resource #6: VIDEO

How to work "remotely" with American Clients
(Especially if you're AFRICAN or Non-American)

Recently were we honored to have 2 of the best Copy chiefs in America jump on a live call with members of the F.C.I community 

And if you're not 100% sure who these 2 are...

Introductions are in order:

On one hand...  

Rob Braddock Jr has worked with Agora (arguably the biggest name in our industry) ... 

And he's currently the copy chief at Daily Profit (a 9-figure juggernaut) 

Then, on the other hand... 

Misha is the Copy chief and coach at Lurn 

And Lurn is almost as big as Agora.

Rob and Misha are always hiring Copywriters from outside the U.S

And on this call... 

They generously point out the few things Copy chiefs at big companies look for when hiring Copywriters from outside the U.S

With practical tips on how you can get your foot in the door

And become a well-paid Copywriter .... working remotely with American clients who appreciate the value you're bringing to the table.

Resource #7: PDF & Short Video

 Don't have any writing experience Yet?

Here's a "Custom Portfolio" Strategy for Getting your Foot in The Door with Clients hiring New writers 

If you're just hearing about Copywriting for the first time...

And you've never written for a client before

It can be scary... even intimidating...

When a client says they want to see something you've written before ...

Sometimes, you even start to feel like a fraud (impostors' syndrome)

I can relate.

But don't worry...

There's a simple way to solve this.

And it all begins with something we call a "Custom Portfolio"

It's easy to create (but goes a long way in making clients believe you're the right fit for the job... even if you have no "real writing experience)

So even if you've never been paid to write before... 

And a client asks for samples of your work...

You don't need to feel intimidated (or feel like a fraud)

All you have to do is use this Custom Portfolio (the way I recommend you use it...)

Just that... and you' re good to go

Resource #8: Short VIDEO

A Simple, Safe & Reliable Way to Receive Payment 

From your Clients (from Any part of the World) ...

Especially if you don't have Paypal or Stripe 

If you're Nigerian (or African) like me...

You sometimes wonder how you'll receive money from your clients in U.S, Europe or even Asia .. when you don't have Paypal or STripe

That's a valid concern, 

But don't worry... 

Even if you don't have PayPal or Stripe, or even a Dormiciliary account

There's a seamless payment channel you can use 

To receive payment from your clients from any part of the world.

And using what you learn in this short video...

You'll be able to receive money from clients seamlessly

Without fears or worries that your money will get seized or stuck.

Resource #9: VIDEO Walk-through

 Setting up your Social Media Profile Right
To Attract the Right Clients 

— Plus Ideas on how to hit that first $10,000. 

In this section, you'll learn how to use your LinkedIn, Twitter or even Facebook... to become a client magnet


You'll also see me sharing ideas on things you can do to reach your first or next $10,000

Everything I share here is what's worked for me and some of my students who are now doing very well for themselves) 

And if you implement what you learn...

I'm confident you'll like the results (and money)

Resource #10: Mini-Video Series

 Daily habits of a well-paid Copywriter

(Mindset, Productivity & More) 

There's a saying that goes something like:

If you want to be great at anything....

Study the greats.... and then...

Copy some (if not all) of what they did

And that's why I included this resource....

3 short videos where you'll see my explaining some of the life-changing habits I picked up from my Copywriting hero Gary Halbert

These are some of the habits that helped me go from obscurity to where I am today.... 

And if you can adopt even just a few of them...

You'll be surprised how much progress you can make in very little time 

Resource #11

5-Step Implementation CheckList 
Use this simple "Step-by-Step" Guide to implement everything you Learn inside The F.C.I Program 

Sure enough...

The F.C.I is easy to understand (very beginner friendly...)

Everything is self explanatory to the point where you can implement without needing anybody to look over your shoulders....

But I thought to include this 5-page implementation checklist for you... 

To give you an actionable guide on how to implement...

From start to finish... 

So you're making as much daily progress as you need... 

To get the kind of results you seek in the coming months.

Resource #12

Access: Private F.C.I Members-Area
Ask Questions, Get Help on your Projects ... and Interact with Dozens of Amazing Copywriters who are happy to help You... Day by Day...

This is our little support group.

Where you can ask any questions you may have 

And get answers from either me..... 

Or one of your fellow students.

Including getting helful thoughts and quality ideas on projects you're working on.... (Either for yourself or your clients)

As you'll see... it's more than just a support group

We're really just like a small, happy family... 

Where every member wants to see the other person win

And I'm confident you'll love it here.

Now... if you've checked out everything

And you really want to join us... 

Then the next question on your mind is probably... 

"How much to enroll for the F.C.I class of 2022?"

Good question....

And I'll give you the answer in just a minute

But first...

Here's 7 bonuses I thought you might need

Bonus Resource ##0

Your Blueprint for Creating Powerful Big Ideas, Unique Mechanisms & S.I.N Offers that make you a hero to your clients (With Marked Examples)

Ask any A-list Copywriter, and they'll tell you..

As far as Copywriting goes...

You' don't start eating the big apples 

Until you don't understand the trinity of... Big ideas, Unique mechanisms and Constructing Superior, irresistible, No-Brainer Offers

That's why I included this bonus for you:

It is entitled The Big Idea blueprint, and inside, you'll discover:

What big ideas, unique mechanisms and S.I.N offers are 

Why they're so crucial to the success of almost every Copywriting project you touch.. 

And very importantly...

How you can come up with the most effective big ideas, unique mechanisms and offers ....

To get amazing results for your clients.

Bonus Resource #1

Emotional Storytelling at it's Finest

How the World's Top Copywriters "Craft" Emotional Stories That Turn "Skeptics and Fence Sitters" into Paying Customers

Storytelling is easily  the most powerful selling technique you can use to sell anything in marketing...

Especially when you're selling to strangers who are just hearing about you for the first time....

Or when you're trying to win over skeptics and fence sitters

But all stories are NOT created equal.

There's a certain kind of storytelling technique that's been proven in numerous tests to be more effective in making customers buy a product.

And in this brief bonus material...

I'll show you how to turn ordinary everyday events...

Into captivating real-life stories

That put your prospects in the right emotional state to buy or take action.

If you're good at telling stories that make people listen and buy,

You'll make far more money than if you weren't good at it.

That's why I included this bonus for you.

Bonus Resource #2:

Not sure what Niche to Focus on?

Let's help you Pick a Profitable Niche 10-minutes (And we'll guide you through the process of landing your first Client) 

If you're just getting into Copywriting for the first time...

It can be tough picking a niche

And that's because almost every niche can seem lucrative 

But don't worry...

If you're not sure what niche to start with (or focus on)

We'll help you pick one you can easily focus on

And in addition... 

We'll also guide you through the process of landing your first paying client from the niche we help you pick ...

Overall, our goal here is to help you build your credibility and reputation as a reliable, go-to Copywriter in your niche

By telling you what to focus on...  

To make real progress, in real time.

Bonus Resource #3:

If you want to specialize on writing Emails

Here's a short lesson on "Email Creatives"

... That pay $50 -$100 or More... per Email

If you're a beginner....

Emails are kinda the easiest way to get your start as a Copywriter

They're short and easy to write

Plus, if you've never written copy before...

You just might find email copywriting to be the simplest way for you to start making money with what you learn inside the F.C.I, 2022... (before you finally start taking on bigger gigs like sales letters)

And if that's where you want to specialize for now...

Or you'd just like to add emails to the list of gigs you want to be working on when you take on clients (which can help you earn more)

This bonus resource tells you all you need to know

About the kind of email creatives information publishers are willing to pay $50 - $100+ for... per email.

It's short and straight to the point

But you'll find it very helpful ... 

Especially if you've never been paid to write before.

Bonus Resource #4:

Up to Date: Facebook & Google Compliance Guide
(Writing Compliant Ads That get Approved, and Convert Cold Traffic... With examples to "Model") 

Writing ad copy that runs "trouble-free" on Facebook and Google is a goldmine for Copywriters who understand how these platforms work

Sometimes, your clients might offer to pay you additional fees to write their ads for them.. (it can even be the first project you take on for them)

And when that time comes...

You want to be able to say ... "yes, I know how to write ads"

And when you understand how to write compliant ads that get approved and run profitably.... (you become a hero to your clients)

That's why I included this section for you...

There's 2 documents — one for Facebook, and the other for Google

Both with simple guidelines (up to date) ... on what kind of ad copy (and creative) works for each platform ...

Along with examples of ads (from different niches)

That you can model (or use for inspiration) ...when writing ads for yourself or your clients.

Bonus Resource #5:

Simple Guide for Discovery Calls w/ Clients

(How to prepare, Questions to ask, Naming your price.. Addressing objections... Closing the Deal)

If you've never been on a discovery call before

Or if you've been on any that didn't go as you hoped...

It can be scary... not knowing to to expect or what to say ...

When going into a discovery call with a prospective client...

And if thats you, don't worry....

Because the information in this guide helps you make the most of your discovery calls with clients... (even if you're a shy person, like me)

Bonus Resource #6:

The F.C.I Swipe File

(Dozens of Winners and Controls
To inspire you to Greatness....)

Want to become a well-paid Copywriter?

Make a habit of studying controls and winners written by great Copywriters ... Dead or Alive.

I've have taken the pain to pick out some of the best from my private swipefile (controls & winners that brought in over $100Million in sales) 

And as you'll see...

Just studying these letters  (— how I recommend you study them) 

Will help you sharpen your skills in ways that give you

All the confidence you need....

To create huge winners for your clients

And ultimately... 

Build your reputation, as a reliable Copywriter to reckon with

And 1x Monthly Live Calls with Me:
Copy breakdowns, "Q & A" Sessions

Sometimes, I'll show you Stuff I'm working on
Plus you also Get The recordings too
(Especially If you can't attend these calls...)

On these calls, you can ask me anything

But more than that...

There's quite a lot you'll be learning too

For example:

I might pick a winning sales letter and dissect it live

So you see why it worked ....

Plus,  how you can take some of the elements of that letter 

And use it to improve the quality of your writing...

Or it could be something on writing emails that get into the primary tab

Or I might show you something I'm working on

And have you ask me questions LIVE (about why I settled on a particular headline... or my thought process behind a particular offer...)

Whatever it is...

I'm confident you'll learn something that will be useful to you... (one way or another...) 

And if you can't make these calls...

No pressure, you'll always get the recording(s)

So that's it with what you're getting when you join us today.

Now, to the question of...

"How Much to Enroll 

...for the F.C.I Class of 2022?"

If we’re going to set a fair price for this

It shouldn’t be for anything less than $500

And even then...

It'd still be an out and out bargain 

But today (...until we raise the price)

I'm making this opportunity available to you...

For a one-time payment of $100 (=N=49,000) only  

The first time you land a paying client through the F.C.I ...

One you wouldn't otherwise have found

And they pay you say... $2,000 for your first project...

That's already a 20x return on your investment

And that's just one client...

Anyway, if you'd like to join us today... 

It would be nice to have you on board

But before you sign up, please note:

Your $100 (=N=49,000) investment in this program is non-refundable.


There's no money-back guarantee (For any reason.)

If you don't like it, feel free to pass on this offer.

There are many other Copywriting teachers who offer money-back guarantees  . . .  you can go learn from them

But if you're okay with the no-refunds policy...

And you're ready to get started today...

Click the black button below

And I'll see you on the other side 

Andy Mukolo,

Creator, The Foreign Copywriting Initiative

Got any Questions?
I'll Try to Answer Them Here:

What if I'm not Good at writing?

Or I've Never been paid to write?

Doesn't matter.

Most of my students started out with zero experience...

Knew nothing about Copywriting and had never been paid a single dollar to write anything before...

And they're not any smarter than you...

So if they could use what I shared with them to get results...

I'm confident you can do the same...

Who knows, you'll probably make more money than some of them 

Do you have a Job board where you Always post new gigs and Client opportunities Everyday?


No such thing in the F.C.I

Instead, you'll learn how to land clients by yourself

Without having to rely on job boards where 100s of writers are applying for the same gig

Do you refer clients to your students?


But only when you've proved yourself worthy

Truth is, with everything you'll be learning inside the F.C.I, 2022

You won't have to rely on referals to get clients

Because using what you learn in the client acquisition section of this new program...

You'll know how to land the "right-fit" clients

Who appreciate your work and pay you well to write for them 

How Long until I land my first Client? 

I can easily tell you that you'll land a $5,000 client in your first month, 

And I have proof to back up that kind of claim

In fact, some of the testimonials you see on this page are from students of mine who got their breakthrough before they finished going through the materials I shared with them ...

But I'd be lying if I said I knew exactly when you'd land your first client through the F.C.I.

The only thing I can assure you is:

If you focus on implementing (ruthlessly and patiently) what I show you,

You will get paying clients, 

Probably much sooner than you expect.

*How Long do you think will it Take Me to Finish Going through The Materials . . .before I start implementing ??

I think that depends on your learning speed.

What I've learned in my few years of teaching is:

People learn differently

And in my opinion...

It's best you go at your own pace.

I'll suggest you take it one section a day

And we'll even show you how to study these materials... plus how to implement what you learn in each section... 

Before proceeding to the next section.

This way, you're getting everything out of the invaluable information at your disposal.

Can I reach out to you Privately 

.... if I have questions? 

Unless it is a matter of life and death.


Please SEND ALL YOUR QUESTIONS to the group.

At least 3 times a day, I'm on the group to see how things are going,

As such, If I'm online when your question drops, and I see it, 

You'll definitely get a detailed response from me.

If you don't get a response from me,

You'll get a response from one of my experienced students.

And by the way...

When you ask your questions in the group

Everyone else benefits from the answers that follow

But when it's happening privately...

You're the only one benefitting...

Not good.

*What if I have a job... 

Can I do this part-time.. On the side?

Yep, you can.

But this doesn't take away the fact that you'll have to put in the necessary work to make things happen.

My point is, even if you're doing this as a side hustle, 

You have to be serious and consistently implement what you learn.

Otherwise, please don't sign up.

I really want This... But I Can't Afford The Sign-Up Fee Right NOW, How Else Can I Learn From YOU

....While I try to Raise The Money?

If you can't afford the sign-up fee at the moment, 

There's a lot of valuable information on Copywriting and Marketing you'll find on my blog, my Twitter timeline and in my emails

You can check out 

To get on my email list for $5 only

(But if you're already subscribed before now ... there's no need signing up again since you're already receiving emails from me.)

For my blog, check out,

And my Twitter handle is @andy_mukolo

Hundreds of people take what they learn from my blogs, tweets and emails and they're getting incredible results for themselve

And if you're a serious person,  

I'm confident you can follow in their footstep

By implementing what you learn from my blog, emails, and Twitter handle.

Should I be Worried that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will Replace Copywriters in a few years Time?

I have like 10 solid reasons you shouldn't even be worried one bi

But I think it's best I just share...

What Seth Godin .... Arguably "The world's most respected marketer today" Said during an Interview at The Ad WORLD Conference 2021

"Is AI going to replace us? Mediocre copywriters or creatives are doomed. Extraordinary, off-the-charts, unpredictable, remarkable work will be really hard for AI to do. It always has been"

And here's what Stefan Georgi, One of the top 3 active Copywriters alive.. Had to say about this on Instagram:


The one thing people lose sight of is the art of persusaion is universal. Learning to be a great copywriter means learning to be great at sales. These same skills will be highly valuable to you no matter what you do in the future. So this is another reason it may make sense to continue studying and mastering copy:


Make sense?

So as long as your goal is to become a world-class copywriter...

And you understand that Copywriting is more than just writing

But a skill that will serve you for life

I don't think you should be worried one bit

And just to add... 

Do you think Artificial Intelligence will be able to tackle sales objections the way you'd do it very effectively (with empathy) ... As a human Copywriter with blood running through your veins?

Think about it.

If I sign up today, How Long will I have Access to This Group, Plus The Materials

...And Everything Else you've Promised?

How does lifetime access sound?

Not bad right?

Hopefully, these answers were helpful

And if you're still interested in joining us...

All you have to do is click the button below


Amber Bartek


God Bless you Andy, Thanks so much for all the help. You're a Godsend!

Eben Chidike


I started trading my Copywriting skills towards the end of 2018. And I got great help from Andy. Within 6 months, I made my first N1million writing Amazon Product copy for a Florida based marketing agency. Since then, it's been an amazing journey for me. The advantage of earning in dollars is enormous. I encourage you to work with foreign clients .... And Andy can show you how to do that.

Dean Jackson 

copywriter, rep. of ireland

Andy is one of my go-to copywriting guys. When I started out,I was just absorbing his free content and picking his brain for copy knowledge. I was learning so much from that, that I decided I should try his paid content.Having already studied a couple of copywriting books and covering a few courses, I felt I still got a TON of value from his paid content. Knowledge I didn’t find elsewhere. And that wasn’t even the best part…  He helped me in choosing a niche, Gave me extra resources to study, Gave me pointers on getting my first client, And was available to answer any questions I had on acquiring clients.  Andy is a top copywriter, and a great guy to top it off. If you get the chance to learn from, or work with Andy in any way,  You’d be a fool to not take it.

Mohammed Jimoh

freelance Copywriter 

March 29, after the immediate lockdown of major cities I knew I had to do something… And I was lucky because Andy launched his Foreign Copywriting Initiative Course that week. I didn’t doubt his credibility for a second since I read his emails and tweets daily..So I figured if the best trains me I’d attain my desired outcome quicker. Learning this skill from Andy is my best decision this year.My favourite moment was closing a foreign client using the simple strategies in his FCI course… A client I still work with till date. Andy isn’t only the most sought after copywriter in Nigeria, he’s the best teacher and that’s why his students produce results.There’s a ton of fantastic things to write…But I’m grateful my path crossed with Andy’s

Michael Addit 


What impresses me the most about Andy,  is the kind of results his students and clients are getting. Its always from one testimonial to the other with him.

Wole Ogunlade 

former head of growth, voguepay

Hiring Andy to work with me on one of my projects was one of the best business decisions I made in 2019.

phil geraghty 

crowdfunder uk

I love your email, Andy. You have a gift for words

Elise Dopson 

peak freelance

I put a tweet out asking for the best copywriters and you were mentioned. I’d love to chat with you for ~30 mins or so about the copywriting formula you have pinned to your profile, plus some other bits like finding clients, building a reputation as a great copywriter, etc.

Ikem Chris 

property hub 

A little tweak on one of my real estate ad copy and I was able to close home deals worth over N300m (with N14M in Commissions) — within few months after so many trials and errors. I usually call him a PSYCHO! Andy is Gold.

Benahili Ojeme 

media buyer and advertisng consultant 

Excellent teacher! — and the testimonials he gets everyday from people on his mailing list, his coaching program, social media , blog readers, etc. prove this. Andy is also very generous and selfless — That's why on his blog, he shares some of the best advice he gives  members of his paid list. He wants literally everyone to live a good life.  Whether you're an affiliate marketer, copywriter, ecommerce business owner, or anything really, you can benefit from his teachings 

Golibe Ilechukwu

freelance copywriter

Andy helped me make my first $2000 off twitter alone as a Copywriter.... And I've NOT looked back since then... Lord Andy (as I fondly call him) not only gave me wonderful PDFs to digest & make money from my bed... He did two things which are beyond that: (1.) He gave me a listening ear any time I had one issue or the other especially with paying client (2). He gave me a community. From that community, I met people with who I grew in the copywriting industry. This is really invaluable.

Bright Djeje 

freelance Copywriter 

I make at least $2,000 every month writing and that's thanks to Andy. Andy Mukolo is not just a very good copywriter, he's the best and if there's anybody to teach copywriting and how to make money with it, it's Andy. Don't think twice when it's Andy, just do it.

Rachel Austin 

freelance copywriter

Confused, clueless and without direction... I discovered Andy Mukolo at a very low point in my life. But the insane value I got from his tweets, emails and courses pointed me towards a lucrative path. And through Andy's help, I went from confused and clueless to landing my first paying client of over N100,000 in less than 100 days after I started learning Copywriting. I can think of no better guide in your path to financial freedom than Andy Mukolo. He's a mental giant and a selfless teacher.

Chimfoun D. 

freelance Copywriter 

When I grabbed the FCI, I never knew I was laying the right foundation for my internet marketing I applied the knowledge I got from your course in the promotion of my information product and made my first ₦100,000 online. Thank you Andy, you are a great teacher. 

Joel Obafemi

freelance copywriter

I made over a million naira within 5 months simply by writing words that Andy taught me to write. Not having to be a born writer got me qualified as a candidate for his program. Andy said if I can write a simple sentence like this one, then I had what I needed to earn money on my own terms. I’ll be forever grateful to Andy for showing me this path.

Segun Samuel 

freelance Copywriter

and facebook ads strategist

I didn’t know Copywriting was this valuable, Until I purchased Andy Mukolo’s FCI course. The truth is, I was skeptical at first…And that’s because I had no previous experience on Copywriting or salesmanship. But as I copied and pasted every template Andy gave us in the programme, Within my first month, I landed my first two clients ( in the coaching niche)…Then another, and another… And now, the rest is history. If you’re very serious about mastering Copywriting and making a great living with this skill, While enjoying the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, And getting heavily paid to do it… Andy Mukolo is your plug.

Oluwafemi Ojo 

freelance copywriter

I didn’t I have been a copywriter for over 2 years but going through the FCI course is a refreshing experience that money can't buy. Nothing much to say here, but I want to assure you that God Bless you ma (I don't know if you believe in God's blessings from the tone of your emails.... but who cares?) God Bles you still lol. Thank you again 

Nonso Emetoh 

freelance Copywriter

I've been able to generate over N20M in revenue for the business writing home runs in health. Generally, I've helped health businesses here in Nigeria and Singapore break their controls resulting in over $50,000 in revenue....while also raking thousands in upfront and percentage per sale fees. Being under your tutelage was the lighter I needed to take my life serious as a writer.

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New Writing Role For Multinational Financial Institution 🏦 

More Testimonials....