WANT To See how 200+ Business Owners in Our Private Group are Quietly Increasing Sales, Boosting Conversions and Acquiring Dozens of New Customers From COLD TRAFFIC using…

Low-Cost FACEBOOK ADS That Return
$5 - $15 for Every $1 you Spend
Promoting Your Products and Offers to
Untapped Segments” of your Market?

While most people Cry and Complain that FB Ads don’t work…. You’ll be smiling to the bank,
because . . . You know something 90% of Business Owners don’t Know!

"I recommend this programme to any service provider or anyone in ecom looking to make more sales. 

I think this is the best investment you can make for your business."

Dear reader,

The last 12-months have been crazy.

Well, not for everyone anyway.

Because while many businesses are still struggling just to survive,

There’s a small group of business owners who are Getting incredible results using Facebook Ads

Like Luke from my support group, who says...

“The whole of last year, I made a total of 200 sales. This month, I’ve done over 114 and counting. Thank you for The Knowledge!”

OR Ijaola Tomiwa who sent me a message saying…

“I’ve been able to move my Digital Marketing services to a higher level. I still have a long way to go but they think I’m a genius.!”

And Lots of other business owners in our Group who are consistently generating new sales and getting more clients using the secret of Low-cost Facebook Ads.

"Taking the Skyrocket with Facebook programme has been one of the best things to happen to my brand, SerahKassim.
I went from little or no knowledge on how to use Facebook ads to really knowing how and it converted to HUGE SALES"

  • Now, whether you’re just hearing about Facebook Ads for the first time...
  • Or you’ve tried it before and you didn’t get results...
  • Or you’re currently running Facebook Ads but you want better results…
  • Or you’re just stuck somewhere and you don’t know what to do NEXT….

One thing is certain:

You want more sales for your business.

Steady. Consistent. Profitable Sales.

Without wasting money on ads that don’t bring in new customers for your business.

And without having to beg people to buy from you..

That’s where I can help.

My name  is Benahili Ojeme,

I’m a Facebook Ads Consultant for business owners...

In December 2019, my partner and I invited 40 business owners into our private group,

We showed them simple ways to use Facebook Ads to drive new sales to their businesses irrespective of their markets…

By April 2020, they were all doing so well,

They didn’t need our help anymore…

Since then…

We’ve helped over 300+ business owners generate massive sales using low-cost Facebook Ads that

Engage, Persuade and Convert Strangers into Paying customers!

"My Favorite thing about this program is the fact that they show you practical steps based on what they have done.
They're not just taking things from the internet to teach you...
they tell you what they have done, how much they have made and show you how to do the same thing, and even more for yourself.

And today,

I’d love to offer you an invitation to join us.

But before I do,

I want you to understand one thing:

This is not some Get rich easy program where you’re told all you have to do is….

“Implement this simple 5-minute trick and you’ll make 7-figures every month…”

I’m sorry, Even as a Benin babe, I don’t have that kind of magic.

My point is:

There’s work involved.

I’ll do my part, and you have to do your part.

If you take action and consistently implement what I show you...

You’ll love the results 

And you’ll make money.

Lots of it.

Enough to take care of your loved ones, 

Expand your business,

Help more people 

And live just the kind of life you choose.

Now, here's the thing:

FACEBOOK Remains a GOLD MINE, And if you know how to make it work, You’ll make a ton of money.

Keywords: “If you know how to make it work…”

Sadly, when it comes to Facebook Ads, 

90% of business owners and marketers either don’t know what they’re doing Or they’re too scared to try.

Which is sad…

Because while most are complaining that Facebook doesn’t work 

There’s a small group of business owners and marketers who are getting mad results with Facebook Ads…

Like T-Lanky. 

Before T-Lanky met me, he had attended many Facebook ad training programs but still couldn't set up a successful Facebook campaign. 

Here's what he had to say:

"I have been to so many academies to try and master Facebook Ads, This is my last bus stop!"

Since then T-Lanky has been selling his products on Facebook with ease and peace of mind. 

And you can do the same, once you understand how to use Facebook Ads as... 

A Reliable TOOL for Generating Hundreds Of New Sales for your Business Every Month…. And here’s something, when it comes to getting paying customers on Facebook,

I Urge you to Keep The Following in Mind:

  • WHO are you showing your ads to?  
    This is the biggest mistake I see business owners making
    If you’re NOT targeting the right people - people who are already looking for your kind of product/ service, you’re just dashing Facebook money.
  • CHOICE of Words: 
    Words are everything.
    Even if Facebook is showing your ads to your perfect customers, they won’t buy if you’re not using words that compel them to. And it’s not just what you’re saying in your ads, BUT how you’re saying it.
  • MORE Of The Same? Or Else… How are YOU Different From Others?
    Your customers see a lot of ads every day from your competition, and they ignore 99% of them. 


    Most of these ads are saying the same thing.

    So, if your ads look more of the same, if there’s NOTHING unique, different, or very interesting about what you’re saying...
    If what you’re saying doesn’t feel new...
    They’ll ignore your ads too. And this happens a LOT!!

Of course, there are other things you’ll need to keep in mind…

BUT if you understand the above points, and you use them as a guide when you’re running ads…

The results will marvel you.

So to help you get started:

I’ll give you access to my Facebook Ads Course for business owners and marketers….

I’ll tell you why I’m doing this,

But first, 

This course is titled “Skyrocket with Facebook Ads”   


You’ll see why most ads don’t work,

And how you can do things differently to consistently get new customers for your business...

Sometimes, spending as little as $10 a day on Facebook Ads.

It is short and straight to the point,

And you can finish it in one night…. 

Then, take a few minutes to revise and start implementing the following day.

Here's a glimpse of 

What’s waiting for you Inside….

  • 1
    5 simple steps you can follow to create unique customer-generating FB Ads ….without worrying about getting banned or wasting money.
  • 2
    WATCH me use my Ecommerce business as an example of how you can use Low-cost Facebook Ads to sell your products profitably to Nigerians…
  • 3
    A different way to think about Facebook Ads to get unusual results for your business
  • 4
    How to target “responsive” audiences with enticing content…
  • 5
    How much money should I budget on FB Ads to get really good results?

    You’ll be able to make every dollar you spend on ads work for you…

  • 6
    The simplest way to run new customer-acquisition Facebook Ads that return at least $3 for every $1 you spend...
  • 7
    How to get your Facebook ads approved on time - and sleep well at night.
  • 8
    The kind of ads most effective for selling anything to Nigerians… (and how you can set them up in less than 10-minutes…)
  • 9
    AD COPY!!! The #1 Secret of writing persuasive Facebook Ads that make people embrace your message and buy from you…
  • 10
    to “Gauge” how your ad will perform before pouring money into it...

But that’s NOT all…

You see, I really want you to get results

And that’s why, you’re also getting…



50 High-Converting Ad samples with Targeting and Landing Page Samples You Can Quickly Model to Get Results For Your Business. . .!

*This is a list of 50 High Converting ads, their targeting and their Landing Pages.

These ads cut across almost any niche or market you can think of….

  • Automobile
  • Hair Care
  • Real Estate
  • Mobile Phones
  • Cosmetics
  • Food/Restaurants
  • Clothing
  • Hair Removal
  • Skincare Pimple/Acne Removal
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Skincare/Anti Aging
  • Car Accessories
  • Children's toys
  • Joint Pain
  • Business Loans
  • Diabetes
  • Wristwatches
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Arthritis, etc

So no matter what you're selling;

And no matter what niche you're selling to, you'll see exactly how to:

Get your targeting right, and the best way to model your ads and Landing pages to get quality engagement and profitable conversions

So you don't even have to crack your brain for what to write in your ads. 

Just take a look at one of these ads that relate to what you’re selling, then change a few words,

And submit for approval.



The Complete guide to Facebook ads Payment

Take it from someone who knows;

Not knowing what payment methods are currently working with Facebook has frustrated so many Nigerian advertisers.

I put together this guide to help anyone struggling with: 

  • Getting your card accepted by Facebook 
  • Restoring an ad account that was banned due to payment issues

You'll be getting this guide for free when you sign up for this program



This short video will give you a practical hands-on-experience on creating profitable Facebook Ad campaigns for your business…

You’ll learn….

  • How to quickly set up a profitable Facebook Ad from scratch
  • How to optimize a Successful Ad… (You’ll see how you can easily multiply your profits in a few days)
  • How to quickly fix or stop an Ad that’s not converting…. (No one wants to lose money running ads…. That’s why this part of the video is so valuable)
  • And more…

But that’s NOT all, 

As a member of the Skyrocket Facebook community, 

You’re also getting:



{ Shows you simple ways you can use WhatsApp, Emails and Ms-Word Letters to multiply your business Profits every Month}!

Inside, you’ll find Email Scripts and Whatsapp Conversation Scripts we use to convert customers who reach out after seeing our ads.

JUST MODEL your thing accordingly and you’ll love the results…

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll find in the Digital Conversions Guide…

  • How to use WhatsApp to increase AVERAGE ORDER Value and profits for your business
  • Emails and Printed Letters --- The usually overlooked (but critically important) factors upon which a successful online business thrives long-term….
  • How to address customer inquiries and concerns without losing the sale

And much more, including…

EXPERT Feedback ON Your Ads From My Team and I, Inside The Skyrocket Telegram Group

Sadly, Ongoing After-purchase support is missing in many Online courses

And that means you’re totally on your own if you get stuck or need help with a specific question.

You see... 

I want you to have a place to discuss new updates and challenges you’re facing with your Facebook & Instagram ads... in real-time.

Here, you’ll be able to partake in on-going discussions about new updates on Facebook Ads

This way, you’re always up-to-date and if Facebook makes any changes to its algorithm…

You’ll be able to respond accordingly without being taken by surprise….

So while a lot of people are freaking out that their ads have stopped working…

You’ll be making good progress with your business.


I know you’ll have questions at some point, 

And I want to be there to answer them for you.

Got a question?

Send it to the group.

My team and I will provide you with answers and feedback on what to do, and how to do it… to keep moving forward.

My point is: you’re never alone.

And that's NOT all.

As a member of the Skyrocket With Facebook Coaching Program, You'll also get

*FREE Access to my Upcoming LIVE Facebook Ads Workshops With Industry Experts (Real Estate, Ecommerce, Info Marketing, etc)

 Combine Facebook Ads with Proven Direct response Marketing tactics so You can get there faster!

Also, you’ll be able to talk to me about your current Facebook Ad campaign, 

Ask me questions, 

And I’ll tell you how you can improve results.

Also, I’ll be discussing new updates on Facebook Ads so you’re NOT left behind…

The only thing I won’t do is RUN your ads for you (obviously)

And I won’t have to.

Because with everything I’m giving you today, 

The only time you’ll need me is when you have questions …

And for that, I’ll be available to you 24/7.

Does this sound like something you’d love?

If yes…

Then I’d like to invite you to join my Skyrocket Facebook coaching program for business owners and marketers:

But there's a small Catch (Don't Worry, It's Nothing Serious And it Carries No Risk on Your PART!)

Everything I’ve promised you is in digital format and immediately accessible with your device.

BUT…. The Videos and materials in my Facebook Ads course are hosted on Teachable.


You CAN’T download them

TWO Reasons:

  • 1
    I’m always updating the course, it’ll be easier for you to access the updates once they’re available..
  • 2
    Sorry, but I just don’t want anyone downloading and sharing my best stuff with folks who didn’t sign up for my program.

But don’t worry

You see, the way I’ve arranged it...

You can access the videos and materials anytime you want

Just sign in with your private password and you have instant access

And The videos are short (So you don’t have to worry about BURNING DATA)

You say you’re cool with that?

If that’s the case, then here’s a summary

What you’re getting when you join my Facebook Coaching Program Today…


Are you ready to master Facebook ads?

1. Members ONLY Access to My Skyrocket Facebook Ads Course

2. 4-Amazing Bonuses, All Yours… As a Member Of The Skyrocket Facebook Community…

3. Members-ONLY Access to the "Private SUPPORT GROUP" Where You'll Have Access to the Latest Updates From Facebook

4. FREE Access to my Upcoming LIVE Facebook Ads Workshops With Industry Experts (Real Estate, Ecommerce, Info Marketing, etc)

That’s a lot of value right?

And you’re going to get even more as you dive deeper into my coaching program….

NOW, how much should you invest in this program?

Well, before I tell you how much you have to invest today, 

I want you to think about how much peace of mind and happiness you’ll have when you know your business is doing well 

And you have a system that reliably and consistently brings in new customers for you….

While most people are crying about Facebook Ads, and jumping upandan on social media begging people to buy from them…

You’ll be doing your thing quietly and making good money for yourself…

What’s that worth to you? 

N120,000 for one year (12-months?) ??

Well, you’re NOT far from the truth,

But today…

Your investment in my Facebook coaching program is N50,000 only.

A small investment

When you consider the kind of results you could be getting a few weeks from now using what I’ll be showing you…

So if you’re fed up of struggling to get new customers (even begging people to buy your products …)

If you are sick and tired of spending your hard-earned money on ads that don’t work

And if you’re ready to stop screwing around and start using the power of Facebook Ads to…

Get your products and offers in front of the people who need it ….and ….

Turn them into paying customers!

Consistently, and reliably….

Then it would be my absolute honour to show you exactly how to make it happen.

To join us today.

USE the button below to get started

See you inside

Benahili Ojeme

Creator, Skyrocket Facebook.

Are you ready to master Facebook ads?

1. Members ONLY Access to My Skyrocket Facebook Ads Course

2. 4-Amazing Bonuses, All Yours… As a Member Of The Skyrocket Facebook Community…

3. Members-ONLY Access to the "Private SUPPORT GROUP" Where You'll Have Access to the Latest Updates From Facebook

4. FREE Access to my Upcoming LIVE Facebook Ads Workshops With Industry Experts (Real Estate, Ecommerce, Info Marketing, etc)




  • I’m NOT new to Facebook Ads. What if I enroll and then find out I already know some of the things you’ve covered in your course?
    Advanced conversations happen in the private support  group and on the monthly LIVE calls.
    So if you already have some experience running FB Ads,
    I know you'll be getting the most value from the discussions in the group and the monthly calls.
    If this appeals to YOU, Be prepared to participate,
    If NOT, no qualms, you don’t have to sign up then.
  • Can I Get My Money Back if I’m NOT Satisfied?
    Take 30  days to work your way through the program and implement what I’ll show you.
    If you do the work and aren’t happy after 30  days, I will refund 100% of your investment in full.
    Just show me proof that you did the work and you’ll get a refund.
    If you’re just window-shopping or you’re not totally sure if you want to run Facebook ads, please don’t bother signing up.
    My Skyrocket Facebook Ads Program is ONLY for people who are committed and willing to do the work.
    If that’s you, I’m happy to welcome you inside.
    If NOT, please keep your money.
  • But I’ve tried Facebook ads before, I didn’t get results
    There’s a number of reasons your ads didn’t work
    But with Skyrocket FB Ads, you’ll identify exactly what those problems were AND how to fix them.
    SKYROCKET FB Ads shows you how to FIX the right problems, so you can get the right results.
  • WHAT if I want to hire a Facebook EXPERT to Run My Ads For Me?
    Sure! You can.
    But as a Facebook ad consultant, what I can tell you is:
    JUST learning how to create your own Facebook Ad campaigns gives you a solid understanding of how the platform works so when you hire someone,
    Or bring your team in, You can easily give them a specific framework to work with.
    And you’ll have access to the latest updates on anything Facebook AdsPlus….
    You can even give a member of your team your private password so they can go through the lessons and even partake in on-going discussions in the private Telegram group.
    If this doesn’t appeal to you,
    That’s fine, and you don’t have to sign up.
  • Can I use What I Learn From your Program to Sell SEX Products (And Other Restricted Products) on Facebook?
    NO, leave me!
  • Can you 100% guarantee I’ll get Mindblowing results from Facebook ads?
    Even Mark Zuckerberg Can’t Do That.
    Facebook ads are very Profitable when done right,
    BUT sometimes, your Campaigns WON’T be as profitable as you hoped….
    And YOU may have to make a few tweaks or go back to the drawing board.
    This is where you may need my help.
    And when you reach OUT to me, I’ll be happy to help you with tips on how to get better results.

"If you truly want to learn how to run effective and result oriented Facebook ads, you need Benahili Ojeme."

I reached out to her when I needed to offer Facebook ad as a service and she taught me all I needed to know and showed me how to run ads that yield results. I have taken other Facebook ad classes but none of the tutors went deep into Facebook Ad like Benahili did. 
With the Skyrocket with Facebook course, you're guaranteed good value for your money There are Facebook Ad tutors then their is Benahili. Thank you Benahili for opening my eyes to the world of Facebook ads. I am grateful.

Ogochukwu Anuniru

Virtual Assistant & Social Media Manager

"The course has been the best thing to happen to me in 2019."

Absolutely looking forward to more courses from the greatest teacher of all time.

Since I got on the SkyRocket With Facebook ads course, I’ve been able to move not just my services to a higher level but even that of some other people. I still have a long way to go in the course but they think I’m a genius. Hahaha!

Ijaola Omotomiwa

Copywriter & Digital Marketer


She knows her stuff! I assure you.
We begun the journey together a while ago, in fact it was her idea for me to try it Facebook Ads out.
Since then we have learnt and un-learnt, we have been able to master the Facebook verse for Marketing and have sufficient knowledge ok how to MAKE THE GREENS doing Facebook Ads.
But I don't think there is any other person I would rather recommend to teach you the art of Facebook marketing.
Do Bena's course, pay without hesitation and be rest assured that you will hit it, and hit it big!
Wish you the best.

Micheal Addit

Digital Marketing Consultant, strategist And Teacher

"Benahili pisses me off."

She's so good with Facebook Ads & she makes it so simple; It feels like some of us are trying too hard.
It's not right, & it's just not fair;

I see it as my duty to drag her down to where she belongs.
Like, where I am... So I can steal all her secrets.

Andy Mukolo

Top Copywriter and Marketing Strategist

"Anytime I have issues with my ads, she's the 1st person I call."

Benahili is the best Facebook ads strategist ever.

 Anytime I have issues with my ads shes the 1st person I call, she understands how to run ads more than anyone I know. She's brilliant at it and explaining it.

Etomi Okene

CEO, OgaFrank.com

"I always felt a level of assurance and confidence whenever Benahili ran ads for my business."

Having a limited budget, but trusting her to make the best of that budget has always been something comes easily for me especially because of her track record. You want your ads converting? Then she's my recommendation.

Amarachukwu Ezerumaka

COO, Easy Life Solutions

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