9 Things You Need To Know Before Running A Facebook Ad

I know that you’re excited to start running your next Facebook ad….

But running an Facebook ad that won’t achieve its goal is as good as not running any ad at all.

With that said, I’ll be talking about some very important things to note.

Facebook Ad

1. A Facebook Page and Facebook Profile are two different things and you need to create a Facebook page using your Facebook Profile to be able to run sponsored ads 

2. Clicking “boost post” or “promote” directly from your Facebook page is like going to the beach, taking your ad money and throwing it into the ocean 

3. Facebook has a Platform specially designed for business owners to create and manage their ads. It’s called the Facebook business manager 

4. Before running your first Facebook ads promoting your product/ service, it’s best to have some likes on your Facebook Page first. – You’ll be amazed by how many page likes you can get on Facebook with as little as N1000 

5. If your Facebook Page is new, before running your first conversion ad, It helps to have a few posts on your page that give some value to your target audience.


When people who have never heard about your business see your ads, they’ll want to know if they can… trust you before giving you their money. So most of them will check out your page just to see what’s going on there.

6. If your Facebook page is new or not frequently used. It also helps to get some engagements on at least 5 of your most recent posts. Run engagement ads and get them a couple hundred likes and some comments.

When prospects check your page after seeing your ad, they’ll see hundreds of engagements on your most recent posts and be more inclined to trust you. 

7. To start advertising on Facebook and actually make sales, You need to visit business.facebook.com to create a Facebook business manager account and then create your first ad account ( you can watch my youtube tutorial on how you can this in just a few minutes here -) 

8. To have a smooth run with Facebook, you need to read their advertising policy before doing anything. Here’s a link facebook.com/policies/ads/ 

9. Facebook ads work! There are millions of Nigerians on Facebook and among them, there are people who need your products/ service.

You just need to know how to target them and convince them to buy from you. 

If you’d like to get more customers and clients with Facebook ads….

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