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Business Owner?  

If you could learn “very simple” Facebook advertising strategies that can help you:

  • Stop getting your accounts suspended or banned…

  • Quickly get the approval green-light from Facebook…

  • Write sales generating ads that get approved on time…

  • Target your perfect buyers using Facebook Pixels and spend just $0.01 (N3.65) per conversion

  • Create a Facebook Advertising magnet that attracts dozens of qualified paying-customers weekly... 

You’d surely be doing a lot better in BUSINESS wouldn’t you?


That's why we're happy to show you very simple strategies you can use to turn Facebook into an effective revenue stream for your business or your clients.

Let us know why you’re here...

I want better-paying clients. 

I want to get my first
freelance writing client.

I want to run successful 
Facebook adthat generate sales.

I want to know what it takes to become a well-paid Facebook expert.

Get Started at no cost!

The Big Five Niches That Pay The Highest Writing Fees.

Here's just a glimpse of what you'll discover after you claim your free copy today:

  • What the big 5 niches are and why they offer the biggest writing fees for new and intermediate writers.

  • Six lucrative writing projects to choose from (including emails, sponsored posts, special reports and more)

  • The exact writing opportunities that command the highest writing fees and how to get repeat clients that pay really well.

  • The biggest moneymaker for freelance writers (Even beginners are making up to $1,200 per project with this)

How to Make Ads Work - FREE CASE STUDY

Discover How to Make Facebook Ads Work For You this year... Using the same ad strategy we used to sell Out N1.5M worth of an E-commerce product in just 10 Days.

This Case Study will show you how to:

  • Target your perfect buyers using Facebook Pixels and spend just $0.01 (N3.65) per conversion…

  • Write powerful ads that get approved on time…

  • Create a Facebook Advertising magnet that attracts dozens of qualified paying-customers every day of every week of every month…

Here’s what some members of the Nairaroad community have to say!

Ogochukwu Anuniru

Virtual Assistant & Social Media Manager

If you truly want to learn how to run effective and result oriented Facebook ads, you need Nairaroad!

I reached out when I needed to offer Facebook ad as a service and they taught me all I needed to know and showed me how to run ads that yield results.

I have taken other Facebook ad classes but none of the tutors went deep into Facebook Ad like Nairaroad did.

With the Skyrocket with Facebook course, you're guaranteed good value for your money. There are Facebook Ad tutors then there is Nairaroad.

Thank you Nairaroad for opening my eyes to the world of Facebook ads. I am grateful


Direct Response Copywriter

I was shocked!

Using your Client Acquisition system, I have 3 clients already who already put me on a monthly retainer to keep executing all their campaigns.

Something funny even happened, after pitching to a woman using your client acquisition system...

She went to endorse me immediately as a Copywriter on Linkedin.

I was shocked.
I'm sure the client acquisition messaging template blew her mind.

Ijaola Omotomiwa

Copywriter & Digital Marketer

This has been the best thing to happen to me in 2019.

Absolutely looking forward to more courses from the team.

Since I got on the SkyRocket With Facebook ads course, I’ve been able to move not just my services to a higher level but even that of some other people. I still have a long way to go in the course but they think I’m a genius. Hahaha!

If you have any questions, please let us know

  • contact@nairaroad.com

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