5 Words That Will MURDER Your Business


I’ll start by getting a very important matter off my chest

And then I’ll bring it home to the 5 most dangerous words in marketing.

5 words that could murder your business.

It sounds crazy doesn’t it?

How we (you and I) kicked-off 2020 super pumped up…

With all sorts of majestic plans, visions and affirmations of what a flawless year it’d turn out to be for us…

Then, suddenly, there’s…

An Ugly Twist in the Plot.

Things start going south.

One word: Coronavirus.



Death toll rises (and it seems to me that people actually derive more satisfaction and ego sharing the latest death tolls than they do sharing comforting words and encouraging others to stay calm while doing what they can to stay safe) 

The pandemic is spreading like a wild fire … and almost hourly, there’s a new case, which makes a sad situation even worse… and almost everyone I know is on… 

Panic Mode.

Friend, we’re now living in historic times.

Life as we know it has changed.

Will things get better or worse from here on?

Is this the long-awaited end of the world according to the of the Christian Bible? Or the Muslim Quran?

I really wish I had the answers.

Sadly, I Don’t Have Them.

But, what I do believe is this:

Like all events… this one too shall pass. And when the sun comes down… when the dust settles… We’re going to be fine.

But, then… almost seemingly out of the blue… things will start to
get better. The spread of the virus will start to slow and gradually, flatten out…

Just like that, Things will get better and people everywhere will begin to calm down.

Maybe it will be a couple months from now; it could be a few months or weeks or even a year.

Regardless, we’re going to be fine.

YOU are going to be fine.


That’s it.

I just had to get that off my chest first.

Now, Did you know that 5 simple words could completely destroy any chances of you getting a sale when you promote your product?

I’m sure you’re already wondering what these five words are, and I’ll tell you in a minute, but first, you should know that these words are so dangerous, they can actually… 

Kill Your Business!

And it’s important that you keep them in the back of your mind when you’re writing copy or creating marketing content for your product.

Unfortunately, many copywriters and marketers don’t know this… or they simply forget about it… Or they just get lazy.

And That’s a Shame…

Because if your prospect lands on your sales page or sees your ad copy and in the first 10-seconds, these 5 words pop in their head…

Forget it amigo, Your copy is as good as…


It will take a miracle for you to get a single sale from that copy.

So what are these 5 words?

Good question.

I’m glad you asked.

The 5 most dangerous words in Copywriting and marketing are…

“I Have Seen This Before”

I have seen this kind of promotion before


I have read this kind of sales letter before


I have heard this bogus claim before


I have seen this offer before


I have read this story before.

A lot of marketers and copywriters just copy each other… same copy structure, same offer structure, same idea, and at some point the reader begins to feel like there’s…

A Conspiracy to Rip Her Off!

She sees the same kind of promos again and again, she gets tired of being bombarded left, right and center with more of the same

And of course, her brain records that pattern.

And subsequently, raises a red flag whenever she sees anything that remotely resembles the recorded pattern of “me-too” copy.

That’s why you gotta stand out and different your copy from….

The rest of the pack.

Look at what everyone else in your market is doing (at least, the businesses you admire or your direct competition)

What copy structure is everyone using?

What offer is everyone using to push their products?

How’s their sales funnel designed?

What email marketing strategies are all over the place?

Asking these questions and doing research accordingly helps you understand:

  1. What everyone else is doing
  2. How to stand out above the noise in a crowded market
  3. Exactly what you need to do to consistently stay one step ahead of your competition when they start copying your method (because they will)

This is how you dominate.

Develop a habit of studying what the majority’s doing and as quickly as possible, start zigging when…

They Zag!

Change things a bit… Switch it up, defy the norm, go against the status quo and do whatever it takes to make your reader see your product as new and innovative…

When in fact, it’s just normal everyday stuff said differently, in a unique, novel way that sounds revolutionary!

Please put in the work.

You can’t be lazy.

If your prospect lands on your page and categorizes your copy as “I’ve seen this,”

I’m sorry, I really am.

Because once that happens….

You’re Doomed Beyond all Hope!

Thousands of potential sales gone!

ROI on paid traffic, nada!

And you’re alone…. in the dark, lost in your thought… wondering what the hell just happened!

Okay okay, it shouldn’t have to get to that point.

If and only if you’ll be patient enough to do enough prep … enough home work on what it would take to differentiate your marketing campaign from what every one else is doing…

So your reader doesn’t see your copy and say:

“Nah, I’ve seen this shit before”

Talk soon.


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