What I and Benahili Learned From Our Facebook SPLIT Test


I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible (There’s a woman in my house)

In the first week of April, 

I and Benahili decided to do a little marketing experiment on Cold Traffic

(SIDE NOTE: We already knew what the answer was…. we were just fooling around with a few new ideas)

So we ran 2 Facebook Ads for one of our digital products.

We used 2 different marketing angles for both ads (Direct and Indirect)

We had a budget of around $30 per day and here’s how we structured the sales funnels:


  • Facebook Ad
  • Presell page
  • Opt-in page
  • Sales page
  • Follow up Emails (started pitching from Day 2) 



  • Facebook Ad offering an irresistible freebie
  • Opt-in to download irresistible freebie
  • Follow up Emails (Shared value in first 5 emails, started pitching from day 6)

Which one did better?

If you guessed B, you’re right.

B got 10x more sales, and here’s why…

In the first ad, we used the classic firebrand marketing approach….

We started selling straight from our ad copy… 

And the aggressive marketing continued from the second email in our follow up series of over 20 emails.

But in the second ad,

We were really gentle…..

We gave out a lot of value upfront….

From ad copy to… lead magnet and all through the first 5 emails in our follow up series

In fact, we gave out so much value that…

After the first 2 days alone,I got a number of emails from our new subscribers asking if we had a course or some sort of coaching program they could sign up for.

No here’s what your mathematics teacher didn’t tell you before you wrote JAMB:

We would never have achieved this with the first funnel (Direct)

What the value-driven indirect marketing approach does is:

It helps you convert cold traffic, to quality leads, to a warm audience, and then…


It took us just 5 days.

And we were averaging N50,000 a day from back-end sales.

With a few N100,000+ days in between.

My point, if there’s any, is this….

The indirect marketing approach is 10x more profitable than simply selling to a stranger on the first day they see your ad.

Sure, you could make a few sales (We did)

But you won’t make nearly as many sales as you’d have made if you took a few days to nurture your prospects.

It’s like meeting a woman for the first time and the first thing you do is ask her to go to bed with YOU…

She’ll most likely tell YOU, with exact mathematical precision….

What direction of hell YOU should ROT in.

But if you introduce yourself….

And get her to know, like and even trust you a little… before asking..

Then your chances of getting her to go to bed with YOU are sky high.

I didn’t say she’ll have sex with you, I said your chances are “sky high”

Talk soon.

Stay frosty.


PS: Many men of my generation have a misguided sense of macho…..

They’ve been fooled by Alpha-male gooroos into believing that ….

Acting tough,

Having a suffer-head work-out routine,

Wearing an unnecessarily expensive cologne… and.. keeping a beard is…

The best way to make yourself sexually attractive to ANY woman.

So attractive in fact, she’ll cross 96 mountains and 72 rivers….

…just to get in bed with YOU.

For this reason…. 

They spend all their days trying to tick boxes that are 20,000 Kilometres away from what the woman they desire actually wants in a man.


What one woman wants in a man is very often completely different from…

What her blood sister Desires in a man.

Sure, human nature doesn’t change, but…

Our wants and fantasies are hardly ever the same.

One man’s food is another man’s poison.

Did you learn something today?

I hope so.

I really do.

P.P.S: Benahili is one of the most business savvy chics you’ll find anywhere on the planet.

It’s crazy how her mind works…..

How she almost effortlessly takes care of business and how… 

She Does it With The precision of a Swiss watch.

She’s also super brilliant with Facebook ads….

Just the kind of person you want to have in your corner

And that’s why I love doing business with her.

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