The Elon Musk of Organized Crime


I have an awkward sunday morning advice/information for you.

But before I say anything else, here’s a question 

Is there some sort of lesson you can learn from a guy who’s been referred to as…

The Elon Musk of Organized Crime?

Actually, there’s a lot you can learn from the man.

For example: 

When Lucky Luciano was head of The Genovese Family, he split the proceeds from their Bootlegging business into 3 new ventures:

Racketeering, Prostitution and Gambling.


To create multiple income streams and put The Genovese family in a position where they didn’t have to rely on a single source of cash flow.

One of Luciano’s most popular quotes is:

If you have a lot of “what people want and can’t get”, then you can supply the demand and shovel in the dough.

Hallelujah to that.

Now, I’m not saying you should go into crime. 

The lesson here is… 

Whether you sell a service or a product, you should always be looking for new ways to create an extra income stream…

Big or small.

I’ll show you how you can do this, but first. . . . 

Here’s a little Sunday Morning advice. . . .

Just aim for progress. Fuck perfection

The guy who takes one new step every day would have taken 365 steps at the end of each year, whereas . . .  

The guy who waits for the right moment will probably not take any step (nor make any reaosnable progress) in 10-years.

Now, back to . . .

How to Create Multiple income streams in The New Economy. .

Whether you’re a freelancer, or a business owner, or just something in-between,

The simplest way to create an extra income stream is to sell information to a starving audience;

Information sells like cocaine and you could make a lot of money really fast if you know how to assemble/find hot info and sell it to cash-in-hand buyers.

A while ago, I wrote a private material explaining how almost anyone can easily set up a N500,000 per month information business machine….

It’s called “How to Sell your Brain in The Current Economy”

And here’s the thing. . .

No matter how daft you think you are (and from your first name alone I know you’re not daft. . .)

There are hundreds/thousands of people out there who will happily pay you as much as N10,000, N20,000, N30,000… and more

If you can give them valuable information they’re desperately looking for.

“How to sell your brain” currently sells for N20,000, but you will get it FREE when you sign up for The Foreign Copywriting Initiative today.

If you have the slighest interest in writing copy for Foreign Publishers with deep pockets,

The FCI program shows you step-by-step, how to do it. . .

Depending on how crazy you are about making a lot of money via high-paying writing gigs..

You could be making as much as $3,000 per month.

You’ll also get to meet people like you (Eben, Bright, Gbenga etc) who —

Even though they started a while ago– are already making over $1,500 per project

Using what they learned in the FCI program.

And the truth is:

Even if you’re not interested in working with high-value foreign clients in the information publishing industry. . .

You can still use what you learn in The FCI program to build a six or seven figure information business for yourself.

Either on the side, or as a full time business.

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Stay frosty.


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