How Long it Took Me to Become a Facebook Expert

Facebook expert

I didn’t just become a Facebook expert in one day, I have had my own fair share of trials and error.

So I got this question sometime ago and i think it’ll help someone.

“Was it difficult for you to understand how the whole Facebook Ads Stuff works when you first started?”

I think the answer will be beneficial for anyone interested in FB ads so I am giving an open reply

The first time I ever ran an ad on Facebook was probably in early 2016 when I had a hair care business.

I had no idea what I was doing and I spent like N500.

I didn’t get any results from my N500 lol and so I continued with Instagram marketing

Fast forward to 2019, I got chosen by one of my favorite humans in the world @ronaldnzimora to be one of his Cubs for a year.

He was going to teach me and about 6 others how to start profitable online businesses.

The first business we were to try out was e commerce. 

At the time, I was a freelance copywriter and I was earning fairly well from that.

I had to take a break from that to focus on learning about ecommerce.

Ronald brought in experts to teach us Facebook advertising, Google advertising, etc. 

Then we were asked to run our first ads on Facebook.

My budget for my ads was about N40,000 in total and I was so scared of wasting it.

I ran a test ad for a few seconds, lol and it didn’t bring in sales so I went crying to Papabear. 

He could tell that I was too scared of losing money to failed ads so he had his staff run my test ads for me.

They tested a sleeping supplement that would sell for N12,500 and there were about 17 sales in 5 days. ?

Getting the results boosted my confidence.

So I imported some sleeping tea and had to start advertising it on Facebook.

The person who ran my test ads sent me the exact settings he used and I just did copy and paste.

The ads performed really well… like 10 orders per day really well 

A week after I started having issues with my ad account and I freaked

Mr Deji @princeofecom was at Papabears office so he helped.

I kept having issues with my ads and just kept asking everyone possible for help. 

There were times where I wouldnt eat because my ads weren’t working.

There were times when I cried.?

I also had times where I spent about $500 and didn’t make a sale. 

But I eventually figured it out. And now I’m a Facebook expert

To be honest, It was only because I had guidance from people around me who had experienced the same things.

And that’s really why I chose to help people out with this. 

Learning anything new can be very difficult… there’s a reason why we start math in nursery school, lol.

So yeah… in summary, it wasnt easy at all but I had help and I just kept trying.

That’s it.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, you can ask in the comments section.

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