A Simple 3-step Process For Writing Sales-Exploding Copy!


Alright truth seekers,

No messing around, let’s get this party going.

I’m going to show you how to write strong Copy using a simple 3-step formula that is….

Almost 100% guaranteed to bring in massive results for any business

Best part? 

It’s so easy to understand, and it only takes a few seconds to implement.

Now, whether you’re a marketing pro or just getting started in this thing of ours… you and I need to admit one important fact:

We can exchange blows later on our many differences, but for now, let’s just agree to this:

If you want to convince people to listen to what you’re saying… Or do what you’re asking…. You need to make them the center of your message.

In other words… it has to be about them, not you… else…

They Won’t Even Listen to You…

On that basis, here’s a little map on how you write potent copy that get’s attention, get’s read, and get’s you a good enough response from your target audience..

Just answer these 3 simple questions 

Question #1…

What does your product do?

What’s the BIGGEST benefit of the product or service you’re selling?

This should be reflected in your headline… it should drive the theme of your message….. and you should hammer on it from start to finish.

Question #2…

How does your product/service do what you say it does? And Why does it do it so well?

This is called “The Unique Mechanism”

That is, something unique in your product or service that will help differentiate your solution from all the existing solutions in the marketplace.

If you’re a message therapist, it could be the unique body-work method you learned from a Caribbean masseur…

If you’re a weight-loss coach, it could be the unique recipe in your diet plan..


If you’re a marketer and Copywriter (like me)…. It could be the unique mass-attraction strategy that sends sales through the roof by as much as 76% in the first month alone, whether you’re selling to cold traffic or not.

And so on.

Got it?

Question # 3…

How fast does your product or service do what you say it does?

Look, you and I know that as human beings, the majority of us want instant gratification…. we want it NOW!…

Not Tomorrow, Not Next Week!

And we are willing to spend almost any amount to make sure we get that satisfaction as quickly as possible!

I think I’m trying to make a point here.

When you’re writing copy for a product or service, what you want to do is…..Show your audience….. an easy, quick solution.

Do This, and They’ll Be All Ears.

And once you have their ears… you’re half way into their pockets.

If you can go half-way into people’s pockets, then you, my friend, will almost certainly walk away with a portion of their money, if not all of it!

Just answer these 3 questions, and you’ll have copy good enough to get people buying what you’re selling.

Want a Real-Life Example?

Okay. I knew you’d ask.

Just go back to the first line of this article…

What does it do?

It will help you write strong copy almost 100% guaranteed to bring in massive results for any business!


By using a simple 3-step formula.

How fast?

Only takes a few seconds to Implement!

Easy, right?

Now try using this formula next time you’re writing copy.

Do this.

Do it.

If your copy doesn’t convert better, here’s what will happen:

I’ll buy you a Beer.

If it converts better however, and you’d love to bring me on-board to work hand in hand with you in your business… 

Simply send me an email stating:

  • What your business is about
  • Who you sell to (your target audience)
  • Do you have an email list? (tell me)
  • What your number #1 marketing challenges is
  • What your revenue goal is for this or the next quarter?
  • Your budget for hiring a good Copywriter who can help you hit your revenue goals in good time.

Here’s the email address.

Talk soon.


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