How to Use PIG Stories to Get Clients

pig stories to get clients

I’m not going to start my day telling you stories about dirty Pigs;

But I can show you how to use P.I.G stories to get Clients.

Details in a minute,

But first…

A quick story on ….

How The King of Madison Avenue got Clients 

Way back when David Ogilvy started out as an Advertising Copywriter,

He wrote down a list of 5 Clients he wanted to work with;

  • General Foods,
  • Bristol-Myers,
  • Campbell Soup,
  • Lever-Brothers
  • Shell

Now, of course….

Ogilvy knew that since he was just starting out, and didn’t have a lot of experience,

 The Odds were stacked against him.

And it’d be difficult to compete with BIG advertising agencies who were already in bed with these brands.

So here’s what The Irish Ad Man did,

He focused on Solopreneurs and small businesses,

Worked his ass off to get them phenomenal results,

Then ran educative ads in newspapers telling stories of how his clients were

Making Millions using Simple direct response Marketing Formulas

But that’s not all…

He’d hold dramatic press conferences and write value-driven editorials explaining …

Why big brands weren’t getting their desired results in-spite of hiring big advertising agencies who . . .

Billed them outrageous fees for some brand awareness nonsense that didn’t bring in a penny.

It didn’t take long for Ogilvy to become a household name.

And soon enough, he had all the Clients he desired.

Now there’s a lesson here…

And I’ll explain it very briefly using…..

The P.I.G Storytelling Formula.

P.I.G stands for = Punched in The GUT.

You know how…

When you hear an emotionally compelling story that hits you straight in the gut, you immediately want to take some sort of action ??

That’s how P.I.G stories work.

And you can use this storytelling technique to get Clients.

Let me explain:

When you run an ad to get Clients…

You’ll get a lot more quality leads if…

 1. You tell an emotionally compelling story of transformation

(This Client was losing money in Facebook ads when he came to me,

I looked at his ad copy, changed a few paragraphs, and increased the price to N10,000,

Conversion rate went up by 45%

And he started averaging N100,000 per day in sales….)

2. You share valuable Content that aggravates a pressing problem

Example: Why Facebook Ads Fail

  • Then tell a story of how a Client’s ad account got banned repeatedly.
  • How the business almost died a premature death
  • And what you did to help your Client…

In both cases,

The moral of your story has to address the Client’s primal desire

The very thing they want to do once they start getting better results for their business.

  • Like play golf
  • Take a vacation
  • Spoil their mistress
  • Buy a second passport
  • Buy their 6th Car
  • Prove their brother-in-law wrong…


Now, I’m almost certain you won’t do what I’m about to ask…

But if you’re up for it…

Go back to the start of this email…

Read it slowly….

This time,

I want you  to pay attention to ….

The part where I started talking about David Ogilvy

And how he got the Caliber of Clients most Copywriters would kill for.

That’s a small example of a PIG story.

Also… (and this may seem stupid)

Pay attention to how I space my letters to make them easy to read.

Stay frosty.


P.P.S: If you’re not sure how to get high-quality Clients, 

Get some help here:

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