How To Get Clients Using Facebook Advertising If You Sell A Service In 2020

This article is for

  • Fashion designers
  • Copywriters
  • Social Media Managers
  • Carpenters
  • Anybody that sells a service!

In my experience, the best ways to get clients to pay for your service are:

  1. Content marketing
  2. Cold pitching (email/ LinkedIn)
  3. Email marketing 

In This Article,

I Will Be Showing You How You Can Use Facebook Ads And Email Marketing To Get More Clients In 2020.

So let’s say I want to start managing social media accounts for businesses today and I have no clients…

This is what I’d simply do:

  1. I’d create a Facebook Page
  2. Then I’d set aside about $50-$100 for ads
  3. I’d take out 3 hours to create a short guide on “The Simple 5 Step Strategy I Use to Get New Customer Everyday on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter”
  4. And I’d create a free MailChimp account 

Let’s talk more about step 3…

This guide has to give a lot of value to my prospects;

Teach them things, show them how I have used social media to make a lot of money, and towards the end of the guide I can tell them that if they want, I can manage their social media accounts for them.

Save them the stress and give them time to focus on growing their business while I help bring in customers for them…

At a price of course. I’ll include my work email or phone number at the end. 

Now that I have all I need, I can start running my ads.

  • I’ll run a simple Facebook Ad targeting “men and women within the age range of 25-45” that live in whatever country I’d like to work with, and in my ad I’ll tell them about how good my guide is and how I’m giving it away for free for the next xxx days/hours.
  • My ad will lead to a landing page (I created with MailChimp) that they can sign up to if they want to get my free guide. This way I can collect their emails before sending them the guide. 

Remember our guide already has a little sales pitch..

So in less than 24 hours after my ads get approved I should already start getting inquiries.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Email marketing –

Now that I have all the emails of the people who are interested in social media management for their business, I will send them emails teaching them more things about this service.

These emails will also remind them that I can help them manage their social media accounts. They will also include my contact information.

If you start this now and do it diligently,

You will have to increase your rates because you will have too many clients to choose from! 

Oh and if you do not want to do Email Marketing and would rather spend more money on ads…

You can re-target all the people who signed up to get your guide using more Facebook ads.

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